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On 3/22/2018 at 1:59 AM, yamy said:

:4_joy::4_joy:looks so painful


When I was in the Navy (70's) I saw a kid having a tattoo removed from his shoulder by rock salt abrasion. They said it would take about 6 sessions, 3 months apart. Blood was pouring down his arm as the corpsman rubbed hard with gauze dipped in rock salt. THAT looked painful! I had three laser sessions on my forearm to lighten it before getting it corrected. Much shorter duration than getting a tattoo, but a bit more pain (with or without Lidocane). Now the cost of the laser treatments - that HURT!

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    • Last week I had two days with Mr. Rubendall (1/2 day Friday and all day Saturday). We spent the time doing lining and a little shading over my entire right leg. He added a crane to the back of my thigh and a peony on my knee. The cool part is that he was able to tie in all my other pieces with clouds, water, rocks, etc., so my leg looks 100% cohesive! Apparently, he loves doing tie-in's. And he killed it. Three more sessions to finish over the next several months. I am over the MOON with his work.  
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