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Help! Tattoo has been positioned wrong!

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I recently got a traditional Sak Yant in Thailand. However, soon afterwards realized it wasn't positioned correctly meaning it looks really odd compared to the one i have on the other side. I have been desperately trying to think what i can do to fix this, but my mind has gone blank. Please help!! any suggestions would be great! 

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 17.54.01.png

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I wouldn't question the placement by a master.

If you're concerned with symmetry you could get the other one laser removed and then a symmetrically-placed coverup.

In other words, change the surroundings to fit the traditional piece.

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I think it's positioned correctly...

And also, symmetry is overrated.

When I was in Spain earlier this year, I saw many people with e.g. one arm full of tattoos and very little on the other arm, and it looked pretty good. (Although, admittedly, it did start to look almost cliched as so many people had that style.)

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