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Logic into deposits of half the price

Amit Levy

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How is everyone doing?

So I am about to make 6-8 appointments with Dasha for a full back piece and was really surprised to hear they are asking for 400€ deposit for each appointment, as the whole appointment's price is 800€.

Isn't it a little weird? I mean I would have got it if the session's price was higher, but that's 50% deposit. Just to make it clear, I got 6 appointments ahead with Roman which I paid 200$ deposit for each of them, but every session is 2-3k so I would get it even it the deposits were higher. That's less than 10% compared to 50%.

Would thank you guys to here your thoughts about the subject.

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41 minutes ago, Gingerninja said:

Yikes, that is a lot. I know with one artist that I worked with he required almost an entire day in a deposit. 

That's insane. I do get it that if you are known enough you can do whatever you want, but it's kind of not respectful as I see it.

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38 minutes ago, Gingerninja said:

Well, I don't see it as disrespectful...they need to cover their costs and make sure people are committed. That being said, I hope that your artist has an accommodating reschedule policy. Booking for 6-8 appointments in <x period> of time, requires a lot of planning and life does happen.

Yup, made that sure already xD

Both of them do have a really considerate rescheduling policy.

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You will be doing all fine, got no doubt in that. But ya, I agree that having appointments so long ahead got some disadvantages of itself. 

My next big piece is damn only in the beginning of September 2020. Six back to back days with Roman Abrego, can't wait for that and that's in almost a year and a half from now! And that's the downside to having appointments so long ahead. xD

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