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    Delicious got a reaction from lemonyej in Squidpants/Leg Mania; or, where we're at with our leg tattoos.   
    I have to find a picture of my legs together but I only have two tattoos on my legs, one on each
    My moon girl when she was first done

    Healed 1 year:

    My other leg tattoo:

    Healed 2 years:

    Want more on my legs but want to take my time.
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    Delicious got a reaction from Oiocha in The LST Tattoo Advice Commandments:   
    Thou shalt post thine tattoos so we may gawk in appreciation and envy
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    Delicious got a reaction from Gingerninja in New to Getting Inked, Seeing Reassurance/Advice   
    That's a great second tattoo! Seriously, soooo many people come onto this forum with this anxiety. My advice is, let it develop. You have two pieces on one arm, flowers and The Virgin of Guadalupe. Nothing wrong with that. If you really get too concerned about flow, you can have your flowers redone to flow better with the virgin. They look like they need a bit more black to hold up over time anyway! But, even if you left them untouched, you could still create flow, because you have so much upper arm space left
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    Delicious got a reaction from JBluewind in Plainskins say the darndest things...   
    My father, who has no tattoos and is Catholic, asked me what would happen if I met the perfect man but he hated my tattoos... My response :"If he is the perfect man, then he'd love my tattoos."
    He also used to teach me as a kid that tattoos will make you go to hell, but has since reversed his opinion on that.
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    Delicious got a reaction from coverup in Feminism & Tattoos   
    I have been thinking about this alot lately.
    It has, over the years, become more and more acceptable for a woman to have tattoos, and to be heavily tattooed... In my community, lots and lots of young women get heavily tattooed (usually with garage garbage starting in high school), or they get visibly tattooed. it is considered normal. But, there still is a stigma to being a tattooed woman, even one as lightly tattooed as myself.
    With my grand total of three tattoos, when people see my chest, its ooh's and ah's and where did you get that done?
    but on the flip side, I've had people ask me, what will your children think? How will you look in your wedding dress? What man will find you, obese with tattoos, attractive?
    I, planning on becoming more and more tattooed (but never heavily tattooed, just not my thing), feel like in the eyes of the world, when we get tattooed, especially in visible places, we are surrendering our femininity in the eyes of our peers.
    My father and brother both said my chest tattoo was too big... though it only covers the front of my shoulder. Girls who get their chest plate done, a sleeve of tattoos, are all at the mercy of our peers, who degrade us for being "trendy"and not truly feminine.
    But isn't this decoration of our body seizing and controlling our sexuality and femininity? This has parallels, in my opinion, to the current contraception/abortion debate.
    Not that they are morally equivalent, but that each appears to be an attack on a woman's autonomy of her body and her own control of her sexuality.
    I get the impression, especially with my field of interest (Political Science), that tattoos are for people who are ok with being somehow "lesser", and for men. Lesser, in the sense that those who get tattooed come from a pretentious side, and won't amount to anything, or that they are low class. And that tattoos are for men, because a woman with an arm tattoo is a big "dyke", that a woman's tattoo is pretty and small and soft, but never visible. But men can get tattoos with impunity, for they have been the realm of men for a long time.
    Tattoos are becoming more and more common among the population in general, and more and more acceptable. But we are held back by what a woman is "supposed" to look like. This is one facet of the struggle of the modern American woman. She must be traditionally feminine, want a family, look the part... But with the rise of equality for women, now we are supposed to go out, get high paying careers, make our mark on the world, be as successful and intellectual as men... These are contradictory demands. We have this cult of ultimate womanhood, ultimate motherhood, that has no room for tattoos, no room for ugliness, no room for personal freedom. The ultimate woman in our society is a devoted mother, who is totally involved in every aspect of her children's lives, who looks pretty on the outside, with nothing deviating from the norm. No visible tattoos, a normal hairstyle, clothes that fit the contemporary mold.
    We are taught by our society we must fit into this womanhood, this being, in order to be a good woman. But now, we must both be what we want to be, and what society wants to perceive us as. It's a complex issue. Tattooing is becoming more acceptable, but, in my opinion, still held back by traditional values and norms for women.
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    Delicious got a reaction from admack in Plainskins say the darndest things...   
    My father, who has no tattoos and is Catholic, asked me what would happen if I met the perfect man but he hated my tattoos... My response :"If he is the perfect man, then he'd love my tattoos."
    He also used to teach me as a kid that tattoos will make you go to hell, but has since reversed his opinion on that.
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    Delicious got a reaction from sourpussoctopus in Plainskins say the darndest things...   
    it's not like tattoos are a gom jabbar, sifting out the humans from the animals.
    +1 if you get the reference
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    Delicious reacted to McAstronaut in June 2015 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Oh what the hell. Might as well post my finished back piece. A year long process has come to an end and I can't wait to start another piece!
    Done by Stacey Martin-Smith at Golden Age in Austin, TX.

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    Delicious reacted to Kinglambert in June 2015 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    My just completed full back piece based on the tale of Mimi Nashi Hoichi by Fil Wood at Black Crown Tattoo in Leeds
    For those who would like to know more of the tale please look here The Story Of Mimi-Nashi-Hoichi
    And you can check out Fil Wood's work here https://instagram.com/fil_wood/

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    Delicious reacted to motsimus in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    here is some from my trip to the states in September that i haven't posted yet , titty grabber by Hilary Fisher white , Cherub by Jason Ochoa and the witch by Dan Santoro. Ive haven't been on Last Sparrow that often lately but its good to see you guys and girls are still getting sick tattoos. also sorry for the sideways flicks
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    Delicious reacted to Breakme in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Day one finished with Emily Rose Murray. Back tomorrow to do the other thigh.
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    Delicious reacted to Synesthesia in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    By Brian Via, about 4 hours. Definitely my easiest tattoo thus far, and yet also somehow my most bad ass. :D
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    Delicious reacted to CultExciter in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Whew. Side of knee done yesterday by Kevin Collins at Vanness & Fellows in Raleigh. I can't say enough about Kevin, Mark, and AJ. One of the nicest tattoo experiences I have ever had.

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    Delicious reacted to marley mission in February 2015 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    ok ok - now I know this is the heavyweight division - the best of the best - major league back pieces - epic sleeves from legendary artists from around the globe - tattooing black belts - you get the picture - but I figure - you only live once - so here is my first ever entry into one of my favorite monthly threads....
    Whatever...by Jamie Sawyer outta Immortal Ink in Clinton, NJ

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    Delicious got a reaction from joakim urma in Tattoo Nightmare!   
    Lucky I found this thread! The other night I had a dream I went to go get a tattoo with my sister. I don't remember what I asked for, but when it was down, it was a purple new school rabbit on my shin that faded to the right, which lead to a mermaid tattoo that looked like it was drawn by a child. No outlines, no black, choppy colors. I start freaking out on the tattoo artist and he told me you get what tattoos you deserve. I was screaming that he ruined my leg, who the fuck wants a hybrid rabbit/mermaid in two vastly different styles??!!
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    Delicious got a reaction from joakim urma in Tattoo Nightmare!   
    Just had one of these last night.
    Had a dream my tattoo kept peeling, even though it's been healed for a while.
    And each time I peeled it, it became shittier and shittier and went from traditional to color realism that looked like it had been faded for 10 years.
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    Delicious got a reaction from solomenkiller002 in Do you go for lots of work by the same artist, or one piece per artist?   
    2 tattoos? wasnt that super infected ribbon with wings yours?
    Anywho, variety is the spice of life.
    get tattoos from more than one person
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    Delicious got a reaction from Fala in NY Daily News Article on "Celebrity" Tattooer, Keith McCurdy (Bang Bang)   
    That guy gives me the douche chills.
    Seriously. Wtf? How is he gonna claim Valerie's work as his?
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    Delicious got a reaction from braillce in Post-tattoo blues anyone?   
    well i can understand.
    its a bit shocking to think that what you got tattooed is now on you forever. On your body forever. More people should realize this before they go and get a tattoo they never really wanted
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    Delicious got a reaction from beez in Face/Head Tattoo   
    In reference to the whole copyright thing... yeah fuck that. I paid for the tattoo, endured the pain, and unless I pay for removal, it will never go away. I paid the artist money either to put flash on me or design me something unique. Either way, once I pay for it and it's applied, it is mine. No one will ever own rights to anything on my body, even if they're the one who put it there. Do cosmetic surgeons copyright an exceptionally well done boob job? If so, does that mean they have rights to whom the patient shows the boob job to, especially with those in the sex industry with boob jobs who are on film and print? Does an artist who sells you a painting have any right to the proceeds of the painting if you wish to sell it to someone else after a few years?
    We should give artists the credit they're due, but the whole copyright thing seems like the most egotistical clusterfuck I've ever heard. Definitely raises questions about body autonomy.
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    Delicious got a reaction from Reyeslv in The LST Tattoo Advice Commandments:   
    Thou shalt post thine tattoos so we may gawk in appreciation and envy
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    Delicious reacted to bongsau in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    well. i did not get my touchups. but i did get a new tattoo which did involve a tear-out:

    My pug. Winston. Riding the red rocket. Which was really hilarious. Until I got a call 3/4 of the way through the tattoo that my mother passed away. Shout out to my pal Ollie for working like lightning to finish the tattoo before my ride showed up to go see my family. So some more to add to the arguement that a tattoo is more than just a silly picture on your skin. It's not just about "what" the tattoo is of or the "why"...but the "where" and "when" and "who" of the experience is of equal importance. A colourful timestamp for this lifetime. And now I'm left with a lot of sorrow to deal with, a good laugh and a great tattoo. Laughter is the best medicine. And my Mom really loved my idiot pug. But I think my next tattoo will be little more serious and carry a lot more weight. Peace.
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    Delicious reacted to CollinK in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Reallllly bad picture, but I got this lady from Steve Turner while he was guesting at Live Free. I'm super pumped on it.
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    Delicious reacted to idyllsend in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Had this lady blasted on my shin today. Just one more sizeable piece on the back of my calf and then my calf is ready for fillers!

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    Delicious reacted to TheLance in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Traveled from NY to SF this past weekend to skull and sword. Hungout with some of my favorite artists and what happened next is pure magic that only a stellar human by the name of Yutaro can provide. This is my Baku!
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