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Squidpants/Leg Mania; or, where we're at with our leg tattoos.

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Blaming @Graeme for this one since he posted his hairy man legs on instagram. I'm sure those famous legs Stuart at Spider Murphy's has filled up has given everyone the itch to do the same.. Or seeing Henning's work on those meaty thighs of @ironchef if you're going the Japanese route. But I'll tell ya, I'm real happy with how my short little legs are coming together and thought I'd get the ball rolling by saying fuck it and posting my hairy dude legs. Kinda weird, I know. Maybe I'll get weirded out and edit out the photo... Maybe (definitely) @MrsGougeTheEyes will yell at me and roll her eyes forever.

But fuck it, here's a shot of the front of mine. In the kitchen. Visible tattoos by Andy Perez (@Perez), Todd Noble, Oliver Peck, Nash Hogan, Jake Fraser, Scott Sylvia (@ I forget your LST name brother), Bailey Robinson, Sophie C'est LaVie.. There are some on the back and some on the sides that are tough to see but this will suffice for now.

@slayer9019 I know you're squidding it up slowly but surely and @else I just went back and read your intro thread. Totally totally awesome, especially with how everything's gone. (It's here for anyone who wants to take a gander.. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/initiation/3283-changing-way-i-see-myself.html)

Now let's see those legs!! (So I don't feel so weird..)


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In the spirit of "fuck-it" I present my left leg. @gougetheeyes now we can feel weird together.

Snake/torch by El Monga last summer at spider Murphy's

Candle/Skull by El Monga March of this year at tattoo city

Cattle Head by Stefan Johnsson Jan of last year at California electric

Planning a panther on the knee at some point but it'll have to wait a bit. The other leg has some odds n ends on the thigh, but not enough coverage for me to feel it can hang in this thread yet!

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Credit should go where credit is due, this idea actually came from @BrianH

Anyway, here's my legs, or the start of them anyway.


You can't actually see most of what I have on them. The panther rose was done by Chad Koeplinger, the ship is by Ron Henry Wells, you can see a bit of a swallow done by Bert (I don't know his last name but he goes as "Bert Monster") who worked at Tattoomania in Montreal when I got that tattoo, but now works out of a private studio, I believe. You can also see tiny bits of a rose and a snake done by Tony D'Annessa, and a tiger-faced hannya done by Danny at Tatouage Artistique. More towards the back of my right leg, and totally out of view is a piece of Doc Forbes flash done by Chris Hold who tattoos at Sacred Heart in Vancouver. Not everything on them goes together, but I like my legs because it's been a lot of fun getting those tattoos. I'm waiting to hear on some time off I requested from work to go to Barcelona, so hopefully I'll manage to add something else to my legs from El Monga or another one of those Aloha guys in July.

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Hey guys!!

Long time no see, eh? ;)

I was just thinking about y'all, about how much I missed LST.

I've slowed way down the past few months but I'm still hard at work on the squidpants project.

It is *super* hard to get good pictures of one's own legs... the best I can do at this moment is link back to a picture I posted in the fall. You can't see all of them in it, and there are 2? (maybe 3?) more since then.


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Just posted my twigs on Instagram this morning, but figured I'd repost 'em here too.


Many of them are hard to see / are on the other side of my legs, but of what's visible...

Right Leg:

- Foo Dog by Mike Rubendall

- Punk Rock Girl Head by Nick Oaks

- Pyramid by Eli Quinters

- Dragon Head (peeking out) by Steve Boltz

- Rose Girl Head (peeking out) by Kirk Sheppard

- Snake Head by Nick Oaks

- Wacky Ankle Tribal Band by Paul Samplonius

Left Leg:

- Hindu Demon Goddess by Freddy Corbin

- Devil Woman by Hillary Fisher White

- Skull Mosque by Chris Stiles

- Pyramid Palm Hand (peeking out) by Jason McAfee

- Wolf Head and Snake by Bailey Hunter Robinson

- Hammer by Nick Oaks

- Dr. Teeth by Cody Zeek

Not visible:

- Oni Head by Dave Cummings

- Dagger through Tiger Head by Jeff Rassier

- Mom Heart by Steve Boltz

- Higgs Druid by Nick Rodin

- Demon Head by Todd Noble

- Panther by Matt Arriola

- Wacky Husker Du Mandala by Keith Stewart

I think that's all of 'em for now, but I'm wearing pants so I can't double-check. :)

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