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When the Circus Comes to Town...

Stewart Robson


Another video from Frith Street:

"In September 2011 some of our friends worked alongside us at Frith Street Tattoo.

Thanks to everyone who did tattoos and got tattooed. It was a pleasure and an honour."

Thanks for watching.


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i don't think you could dream of a line up like that lol , as normal totaly exceptional work all round . i was lucky enough to get one from tim hendricks and seth ciferri ill post them up when i get time

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Good thing I checked the blog section before I posted this in the forum.

Loved the video Stewart! Thanks for sharing this. Hope to visit Frith street again soon.

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awesome video! its really cool that you filmed your guest artists! i follow mario on instagram and he posts a lot of great pics. i saw a few of them in this video. did anyone else notice that @jade1955 's arm is in there. hes the one getting the rose in his arm ditch!

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[MENTION=283]AlannaCA[/MENTION] Hahaha yep that's me. My wife's leg features in the video as well. It's the lady head on her calf tattooed by Chad Koeplinger. She also supplied the cupcakes featured at the beginning. She's watched it three times already.

Its a great video and many thanks to [MENTION=212]Stewart Robson[/MENTION] for putting this together.

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man..great video! All those quality guest spots in one month? What a treat for your customers. All exceptional work and that Rock of Ages back piece that Valerie was working on...wow!

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Your shop is near the top of my list for places I want to visit. Absolutely love these videos, Stewart--thanks so much for making and sharing them.

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Awesome Stewart, you really did a great job on this piece. As always, I am so honored to have worked along side everyone there, it is a true joy and one of the highlights of my year.

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so lemme get this straight. those were your guest spots in ONE MONTH!?!?!? looks like i really needed to be studying in london this fall. wow, to think of all those artists getting to work together in the same environment over such a short span, thats truly special. i can only hope that it happens again, and hopefully i'll be able to find out about it in advance. how would one hear of a line of guestspots like that happening? it would have been an honor to get tattooed by that entire group, you really have good taste in people who take tattooing seriously and work to further themselves. that was awesome

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so lemme get this straight. those were your guest spots in ONE MONTH!?!?!? looks like i really needed to be studying in london this fall. wow, to think of all those artists getting to work together in the same environment over such a short span, thats truly special. i can only hope that it happens again, and hopefully i'll be able to find out about it in advance. how would one hear of a line of guestspots like that happening? it would have been an honor to get tattooed by that entire group, you really have good taste in people who take tattooing seriously and work to further themselves. that was awesome

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I was in London two years ago and feel like I missed out on great opportunity to get tattooed = /

Also, big ups to Valerie for the "Drive" soundtrack usage = ) Great video!

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Great Video!!! I'm privileged to have had a tattoo from Stewart this past July. What's better than that is I will be back there on November 25th. I had to go back!!! Over 5 thousand miles away..... totally worth the trip.

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Unbelievably high quality of work - where do you even start? It is all so good, but I really love the space used in Stefano's red and black ship. That Rock of Ages back-piece is fucking epic.

The last time I was in the Frith St studio I was admiring Jordan Teear's red and black tattoos, particularly around his chest. Does anyone whose work this is?

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Thanks everyone, [MENTION=2059]Dr Benway[/MENTION], If you mean the tattoos Jordan wears on his chest and neck, they were done by me, Steve Byrne and Chad Koeplinger. Frank Carter tattooed his stomach too.

[MENTION=2048]Mason Wanamaker[/MENTION], any good convention should have great tattooers working there and sometimes guesting at shops in the area. Some of the tattooers were fully booked within minutes of them confirming their visit, others took walk-ins and some only did one tattoo.

@Tim Hendricks, sincere thanks. As ever, it was pretty special and certainly an honour to have you (and everyone else) with us.

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I don't know why I thought they were all done by the same person, other than they all seemed to be black and red. I only saw them in passing, but they struck as particularly good.

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