To finish a half sleeve or not..

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I've got a poseidon scene going on my right arm and have pondered the idea of finishing it out as a full sea scene, but a thought occured would it look weird if I just kept it a half sleeve and got random pieces on my forearm?

Also, what are your thoughts of one artist doing half and another finishing the other half. Would this be something another artist wouldn't touch or it doesn't matter since at least it's a completed tattoo

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Having another tattooer add to it = fine. Bringing it down into a "sleeve" also = fine. Saying fuck it and just getting other un-related tattoos that aren't tied into it = totally fine! I'd just go with your gut and get whatever you want and try not to worry about labeling anything.

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I suggest you complete the sleeve. I just did something similar. My first tattoo was a half-sleeve on my right arm 4 years ago. Two phoenixes.

I extended it below the elbow with a snake wrapped around an apple next to a coffin. Also there's a clock in there. Just finished it 2 weeks ago. Two different artists with slightly different styles but it looks great. When I was 18 I did not plan on getting full sleeves but I'm loving my new arm.

I'm partial to the sleeved look instead of tattoos standing by themselves though. Just do what you want to be honest.

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I keep having the same debate with myself, and am often asked by people whether I would extend my two half sleeves. I have two half sleeves at the moment and can't decide whether to extend them into three quarter or full sleeves if at all. Then on top of that question there is always the problem of final choice of subject matter as well as whether I really have the money.



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    • I guess I was just a bit worried as I don't remember any of my other Tattoos healed this way. Feeling the bumpiness especially after all the peeling got me concerned I guess. I am dry healing it now. Perhaps it was me over moisturizing it but I didn't expect for it to become raised and itchy like it did.   
    • To me this is the most fun part of the process: It sounds like your artist knows what they're doing and has skills.    You sound like you've got some ideas on what direction to take things, but nothing super specific yet. What I do (the fun part) is come up with a list of wants:  "It needs to have a woman, and I want it to be a portrait or full body or whatever",  "I want her to be sitting/standing/holding something".  And then things I don't want: "I don't want her to appear angry/happy/smiling", "I don't want her to be in a forest" Usually you can draw a lot of inspiration by looking up other tattoos, and including the things you like/dislike about them into your own ideas.  Trim the lists down to something reasonable for your artist, and then let them implement it in a way they think is best. It's usually a total surprise until you get to the studio, but if you did a good job defining what you want, the artist should encompass a good portion of it in their own style in a way that they know will work.  Showing up day of and seeing what they've come up with is the best part.
    • You got me wrong actually. He didn't mean that he doesn't want to tattoo what do I want. As long as I said "Woman portrait" he joked about the one with the head dress but I never wanted it LOL. It was a mistake by me writing down that sentence in that way, I apologize for that (my english is not good so yeah, here we go.).  Thank you about the 10 posts.   
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