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Tattoo healing photos


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Thanks jade, as someone with a healing tattoo (for the first time) at the moment it is really interesting to see the process. It's easy for me to think that I'm the only person with mass flaking and new thin skin that is wrinkly, but I guess that's the way it is for everyone. There are so few photos of healing tattoos.

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@Dr Benway Many thanks.

My wife's a redhead with pale skin and if I remember correctly didn't you mention you have red hair and pale skin? Shading on very pale skin can resemble a raw hamburger on a fresh tattoo but is quite normal.

Yep, I'm a paleface ginga ninja. I'm so pale I get moon-stroke, especially tonight. My wife is also a redhead and our tattoos seemed to go through a very similar process of healing, and looked much the same. There were points with the flaking when I started to wonder if my body was just kicking out all the ink. It will be three weeks tomorrow, and the black is starting to become very vivid as the skin heals over. It's the best bit.

Lovely tattoo by the way!

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got this a few days ago,

here is pic about 6 hrs after i got it


here is a pic the next day, about 24 hrs after finished

sorry this one is taken in a mirror and a different light

the bruising below the tattoo is darkening now, 2.5 days after finished, a reddish purple

i've never had this much bruising, but all my other tattoos have been arms and legs...


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