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Dan Martin

Hand tattoos and healing

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This is for tattooers that have hand tattoos. I'm getting my hand tattooed soon and was curious how the healing and swelling will affect my tattooing. I'm getting tattooed the first day of a show and thought I might try and put it off until after so I could work but wasn't sure. Will wearing gloves and sweating in them fuck it up pretty good? I'm assuming it would. Any answers would be much appreciated.

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I got mine done and tattooed the same day, it didn't work out very well for me at all. The main thing for me was getting my tattoo covered enough that I didn't have to worry about cross contamination, then trying to fit into gloves. It kind of sucked. That was at the shop too, I could only imagine trying that at a show where you are already out of your element and being watched by a bunch of people. If you can avoid tattooing for at least a couple of days it would be a whole lot better on you and your tattoo. Just my .02.

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depends on the tattoo. ive seen black and grey tattoos on hands heal in under a week with almost no swelling and then ive seen traditional color ones stay swollen for days.

if i were you i would get the hand tattooed on the very last day and even better last thing on the last day.

my partner, when he got his tattooed, kept them super clean and put some bounty paper (sturdy kitchen paper towels over in the UK) between the tattoos and the gloves to absorb sweat and plasma. this meant he had to wash them between tattoos and reapply clean tissue. this helped a lot and they healed in no time.

I had to actually take time off to heal mine, they are bright red traditional roses on both hands and i suffered during the days after, everyone is different.

ps. i'd also take anti inflammatories if possible to help with the swelling.

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my dude did the same thing as valerie's partner. Wrap em up in paper towel/meat bandage and keep gloves on. I do remember him complaining a bit about it being annoying but nothing that stopped him from working really.

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one had i didn't plan and tattooed non-stop after and it was rough. the first few days it was swollen pretty big and putting gloves on sucked. the other hand i planned and had at least 3 days off before i had to tattoo again which it healed like a normal tattoo time frame wise. it still swelled like crazy.

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I recently got my hand tattooed and tattooed that same day, and the following day as well. I did the same thing that everyone seems to be leaning toward. I used a paper towel as a barrier and took frequent breaks and washed and cleaned like it was no ones business. It definitely was kind of a pain to stop more often than I'm used to, but my tattooed healed fine, healed normal. Just keep it super clean and make sure you use some sort of barrier between your tattoo and your gloves, especially if you have powdered gloves.

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@hogg I been hearing that a lot lately hahahahaha. I went to Toronto last weekend and went into a barber shop to sell a dude one of those hot stuff heads I posted and had all the other guys working being all oh yeah you're thread wizard and then went to the tattoo shop i frequent there, and had the dude getting tattooed by my friend be all 'wait a minute! you're thread wizard aren't you' hahahahah getting famous on instagram. I'll never be as famous as Thomas Garcia though...

anyways back on track....

HANDS!!! I've got two of em, and both are bare. I'd really like to change that but I'm not secure enough finically to know I'll never need to get a minimum wage job again.

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Hey Dan! It was nice to meet you at the San Angelo convention. Which painting did you buy from Richard Stell? I was the guy standing talking to Jennifer when you came up. I told you, that your shop is very nice looking when I went there 2 years ago. I will have to drive down to my old home town and see when you availability to do a small tattoo on me in a couple of months.

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      Hey guys,
      I'll add a pic later in the thread but I recently got a bicep tattoo, 3 days ago, decent size (a cover-up) and my bi-cep is the size of a ham. I had a similar experience with my forearm. Anyone else experience this?
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      So it's perfect on the outside and there's no swelling and such, but still the pain remains. The doctor told me it's due also to gravity, to the fluids going down and to the constant use of the legs (in fact I have no pain when I'm on my bed!).. 'cos the whole tattooed area (calf, shin, lower knee) is completely unaffected from pain.. I keep on asking myself wheter this could be classified as a normal "difficult healing" or not (on my left leg I have only tattoos on my "upper calf" and the artists never went near the ankles).. I saw that for everyone it's the worst part so I'll wait in order to see an orthopedic (I don't even know what they could say!).. any opinions to share for your general healing in the ankles-shin-calf area? 
      Thanks!!  (Yeah I'll see an orthopedic but doctors usually aren't anyways really tattoo savvy so I'd love to hear other experiences on lower leg healing )
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      I'd love some feedback from experienced collectors who have had a cover-up done...

      I had my first cover up experience tuesday night and it has been burning since.  The cover up itself (simply an outline right now) was no more painful than any other tattoo I've had, but the healing experience has been different.  The areas where I've gone over the old (10 years) tattoo is super sensitive and burning.  Is this a normal thing where cover-ups are concerned?

      If this is normal, then I can stop worrying that I've done something wrong.  

      If it's not typical then I will have to investigate everything I've done to figure out why I'm having a different reaction. 

      Thanks for your input~
    • By Naiemh
      I wanted to share with you my experience with the healing time because I found some differences depending on the tattooed area!
      I don't know if it's because of my after-care products or because of my skin (I know it heals faster and better than usual), but my tattoos heal super fast.
      For the back tattoo (a big area) the scabs started appearing the 3rd day. In just 3 days it was peeling! and then the 7th day all the scabs just dissapeared, maybe a little bit dry. But now after 10 days after the last session it is perfect, smooth and the ink is just bright and settled super perfect.
      But then I retouched the ankle cat tattoo (not small, but not super big as my back tattoo. You can see them on my gallery) and it started peeling after 1 week, and the scabs dissapeared after 16 days. Now after 17 days it is a little bit dry but it healed perfect anyway, nice and regular colours. 
      So, my super big back tattoo healed 100% in 10 days and my ankle one, after 17 days, isn't even 100% healed, maybe in 2 or 3 days it will be as perfectly healed as my back one.
      So I realized a super big difference in the healing time for both areas!!! I have to say that I used Lush products (first Ultrabalm 5 days, and then Dream cream) for the back one (vegan and natural) and Tattoo goo for the ankle one.

      Did you experienced such a difference in the healing times depending on the area? If so, why is this happening?
      Or maybe it's because of the products?
      I heard nice reviews abou tattoo goo, so it's strange that it slows the healing process...
      Even when the ingredients are different, they're all natural in both products so I don't think any of the ingredients of tattoo goo could be slowering the healing process, that's why I guessed it could be just that different areas heal different.
      Any opinions?
    • By awaken
      Hey everyone! I'm a 20 year old college student just looking to talk tattoos with someone every now and again. I have one tattoo, and it's only 4 days old! In two weeks I'll be getting my second one, and I'm super excited. I hope you folks don't mind answering a couple questions I have regarding my tattoo. First, I notice a bit of blowout. I was wondering if a little bit of blowout is normal, and if it will go away. Secondly, I was not instructed to wrap it every day, so I have not been doing that. I have been, however, washing it and applying a bit of lotion on it twice a day. I want to know if I'll be alright just doing that, or if I need to take other measures as far as aftercare goes.
      I'll provide photos :) Let me know what you all think! Thanx!