Found this picture of one of those non tattooed tattooers...

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This pic is of a a young whipper snapper that we all know here on LST, can you guess who he is?

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And still a few more pic"s from the event. It went over very well, but notice inside the building there is the ashtray to the right of the pic of Ed Young tattooing, campus gallery with smokeing, that kinda dates the pic. That rollaway that Ed is working off of was my old traveling rollaway, all contained with an autoclave and sterile trays, still got it up in storage, hauled that chair to many States and Convention centers too.

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    • You got me wrong actually. He didn't mean that he doesn't want to tattoo what do I want. As long as I said "Woman portrait" he joked about the one with the head dress but I never wanted it LOL. It was a mistake by me writing down that sentence in that way, I apologize for that (my english is not good so yeah, here we go.).  Thank you about the 10 posts.   
    • Tattoos take 4 - 6 weeks to heal. But @oboogie is right, that looks like waaaaaay too much lotion. Use just the tiniest possible bit to keep the tattoo from drying out. 
    • I'd get a new artist that IS interested in tattooing what I want.   Also, you need 10 posts to start a thread outside of initiation.
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