Highly suggested tattoo shops in Philly?

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I'm heading to Philadelphia in about 2 weeks. I'd like to get a tattooed by someone 'notorious' in their own part of town.

Care to help? I've done a bit of research on Google & all that jazz but, also taking personal references.

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You can get tattooed by Tom & Jerry at Eddies.One guy does the outline,and the other guy does the shading.And Topper works there too,and does real nice traditional work.Here's an article on the shop..

Inked Magazine :: Inked Spots :: Philadelphia Eddie's

Dave Fox works at Latest News

Philadelphia Eddies Chinatown Tattoo

Doug Hanson « Olde City Tattoo

Every tattooer is good with traditional,but i like Doug's work.

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Forgot to mention Eric & Mike@ Kadillac Tattoo Deuce - Tattoo & Piercing - Philadelphia, PA | Facebook

It's a real classic traditional street shop with walls that are stocked with some great flash.

Raw Power Tattoo

This shop is in North East Philly.Three young dudes that are doing real nice work.

Bonnie & Clyde Tattoo Parlour - Philadelphia, PA

Sailor Eddie has been tattooing over 30yrs.

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I jumped in here after reading through the posts on this thread, to ask a question that may be rather obscure.....

When I began making tattoos, I spent time in Philly in 1992 in love with a girl, and skateboarding. I knew of 3 fellows, all with the first name JOHN, all tattoo artists in those days, and began working out of a warehouse on N. 5th and Cecil B...... The most...uhhh...."prolific" of these gents, was a tattooist named John Tyler. One could not mistake this guy,a tall Caucasian with long dreadlocks, and the word "REAL" in black Olde English on his throat...which was very intense to me back then, 20 years ago. I don't mean to treat the LST forum like I'm finding a high school friend on Facebook, but he was a Philly tattooist, and one of my earliest influences. We had good friends in common only, but would anyone happen to know what may have come of John Tyler or the rest of the J-Krew? They all worked on South Street together at some point...a LONG time ago.

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      Hows it going? My names Lacey...I'm from fl. I've been getting random ink since I was legally able and I've kind of gotten into a bad situation. I joined the forum because I do have a passion for the ink and I love seeing how creative people can be and their own ideas. My situation happened whenever my main tattoo guy went mia and it took several years for me to find him. Since I couldn't find him I went ahead and tried out a new guy that had a decent rep at the local tatt shop...needless to say I gave him my idea and he drew it up nicely. What didn't happen properly was the placement of a couple things...i'll post them later so you can see and the line was crap. as soon as I saw it I just stopped him, we shared words and I left. Right now I cant really leave my state and cant afford to go to the derm to get it lasered so I'm looking for a shop in fl that does it at a decent price...and I finally got found my old tatt guy, he'd had to go to NY for his mom. After he saw what I had to work with he agreed to work with me and help me cover it up, but some of it has to be faded and he has a couple tats he would like to get rid of himself....any help would be awesome and I don't mind conversing with random people...so if you ever want to chat, hit me up :cool:
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      Forgive me if this has already been discussed at length, but I tried searching for a topic like this and couldn't find any info about it.
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      My knowledge of west coast tattooers is pretty limited to California (namely just in SF and Oakland), but I was curious who you all recommend checking out in the Pacific Northwest area while I'm living out there.
      Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!
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      Les Collier opened this shop recently,and he does some real nice work.
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      I figured since it's the new year now it would be a good time to make a thread for this. Who's going? My girlfriend and I will be there hanging out and I'd definitely like to meet some new people!
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