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Hey all,

I hope this is the right place for me to post this.

I'm trying to get in touch with Oliver Peck, to maybe get tattooed by him at the London Convention.

I know it's hard to get ahold of him, but maybe somebody on here is tattooed by him and know a way I can reach him.

I've already tried Facebook and Instagram without success haha...

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This isn't directed as a dig at the OP, because I understand how hard it can be to try to book an appointment, especially when we are talking about an international matter, but just maybe some insight on how to approach getting tattooed. That being said, is there anyone who books appointments over Instagram. I always see people commenting on posts trying telling tattooers to call them or email them if they have an appointment available or expecting them to comment back with a price quote of an idea that only exists in their own mind. If you want tattooers to take you seriously (and not just ignore you) you should always look for contact info on people's social media page, most of the time the easiest and prefered way to get ahold of someone is posted clearly, secondly if possible always go to the shop in person (if possible), if not call the shop and ask the best way to book appointment with the person you are looking for. 99% of the time you if you follow this, it's end of story, but if you have to contact someone through social media, make sure it's a private message and make sure you mention that you tried to contact them through conventional routes. Be clear, concise, and let them know you are willing to lay down a deposit to your paypal to secure time with them. Also give tattooers a week to respond before you send follow up emails, or call the shop again.

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