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Let's see some posts of your lil bug tattoos!


by Bryan Turnbull

IG is "bryanjturnbull"

I walked in with the intent to get a mini sailor jerry-esque fly but on a whim switched it to a preying mantis when i walked through the door of the shop (re: good decision making lol). My smallest tattoo to date. Makes me laugh everytime I see it because everything around it is so big's on my rib cage, right in that brutal spot a couple inches down from the armpit. This lil filler fella is pretty crunchy right of the hardest heals I've had so far. . The tattoo was completed entirely with a liner and was completed in half the time it took to setup the damn machine lol. I think I'm going to get a couple more bugs to fill in some gaps because this one makes me laugh everytime I see his big ass bug eyes.

- - - Updated - - -

beware...of the dreaded miniature karate mantis !!!

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I would love a deaths head hawkmoth down the road. I dig the earthy colors and it would make me chuckle, thinking of silence of the lambs. Tucked genitalia and lotion on its skin, tee hee.

This is a good thread!

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This isn't an insect, but it does fall into the tiny tattoos that make me happy every time I see them category:


A tiny baphomet by Seth Wood, done a little over a year ago. He did a Necronomicon on me previously and I saw him after it was finished and he said he wasn't satisfied with the tattoo because the pages in the book were blank and he wanted to put some illustrations in them. I suggested a twenty-sided die and he did the rest, including that little baphomet that he drew on with a sharpie...I didn't even know what it was going to be until it was there. It makes me happy because it's this kind of secret tattoo that not many people know about. It's one of my favorites and I'd love to get more little things like this.

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I never get tired of bug tattoos. I have a little shield bug on my foot, and a sort of anthropomorphic beetle on my thigh. I also have a trilobite, which isn't a bug but pretty bug-like.

Bugs make great fillers, I'd like to get a centipede or a stick bug (or both!) as filler at some point.

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I have 7 butterflies on my right hip and for the past 10years (shit!! did NOT realise it had been that long!) have been trying to decide what sort of bug or insect to but on the left. Have tossed between lady bugs, dragonflies, moths, spiders..... I like the idea of having something like a bunch of spiders on that side . something not so cutesy :)

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I guess I deleted the original pic from my IG, so here is the mighty kung fu mantis again by Bryan J Turnbull (from my LST gallery). I just got him touched up last week, so he's lookin crisp and crunchy like a bug should. This pic is is pre-touchup at the 2 year mark.


...and a couple new ones to buzz some life back into this thread:

"BUZZ OFF" by Jonny Murdoch


"ZEN SPIDER" by Jonny Murdoch


- - - Updated - - -

And I wanted to give this special lil guy his own write-up:


I call this one "TESSERACT ANT"

It is tattoo #36 and now is the smallest tattoo on my body (about the size of a quarter) small in fact that it isn't readable until you get close enough and squint

...this is a concept tattoo I've been planning on getting for some 'time'...

You may recognize the black n grey tattoo on the peripheral as the Escher dragon on my ribs, which happened to be the first "big" tattoo I got in 2005.


The Escher Dragon is a 2-dimensional piece of art that tricks the eye into seeing 3-dimensions by manipulating depth and perception.

Now, did you ever read the book 'Wrinkle in Time' by Madelaine L'Engle when you were a kid?


So...herein lies the concept...I got this time-travellin' ant tattoo, in 2015...that has found it's way INSIDE the Escher Dragon that was made 10 years ago. So now, I've gone and made this a 4-dimensional adding "time" as a new variable...

I know some of you are thinking...geez Bongsau, trippy, that's some interstellar shit maan...maybe wanna lay of the shrooms...

It was made by Bryan Turnbull at the Edmonton Expo (comic con).

Edmonton Journal newspaper showed up and took our picture for the paper:


The photo is actually pretty probably looks like I'm getting work on an epic backpiece to the uninformed public, but in reality it was the big man Bryan putting on my smallest tattoo LOL

"Only in our imagination do we live in more than two dimensions, and with its help we attempt to enliven the flatness of our image with depth. All of a sudden it may dawn on us how foolish we are, we faddists of the two-dimensional picture with our constant urge to achieve unobtainable depth."

-M.C. Escher, 1947[1]:

- - - Updated - - - to take this concept one step further...the ant is so small it may eventually fade and blow which case in 10~20 years I will probably black it over, erasing the ant from the future and leaving it as a wrinke in time from the past...far out maan..

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