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Am I overreacting? Best course of Action? If any?

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Hey guys, so I found a saying I wanted tattooed on me. I asked a friend, whom has many tattoos, which place to go to. The place is very reputable, at least from the reviews/instagram and facebook. She told me since I was just getting a saying across my ribs I could just walk in and get it done, piece of cake. Well I went in, everything was great, however the tattoo is a little slanted.The word "God" is a little lower than I would like it to be. Is there anything I can have another artist do to make this look more even? Am I over reacting? If it keeps bugging me, I am not opposed to getting it covered. However, I really liked this saying, thus is why it's my first tattoo. I have attached some pictures, let me know what you all think.









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It is going to move when you move. If you stand exactly the way you were standing when the stencil was put on, it will look exactly straight. This is going to change as you age and as your body changes shape in general.


If it bothers you enough in the years to come, put some more organic shapes around it. Organic shapes are more forgiving on our bumpy, curvy, changeable bodies.

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    • no such thing as a perfect tattoo...and tattoos that people think are 'perfect' generally suck! your tattoo could be better...and it will be better in 10 years after it's been lived in for several years ;) you did good. don't overthink it. get more tattoos.
    • No, I have never felt this way. In so many ways, its not even your tattoo and your need for perfection is probably going to just stress out your artist and result in a worse tattoo.  Plus, one day you will be dead and this thing wont even exist anymore. Just enjoy it while you can! 
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