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Infection or Overthinking?

Kade W.

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So my new tattoo is healing. It’s all peeling evenly and 99% of it looks healthy but there is one spot where it is slightly yellow and looks a tad bit oozy. I’m not sure if this is just the shiny skin under the tattoo or what, but it is sort of freaking me out. The first picture is when I initially got the tattoo. The rest are current. 




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Good evening,

I'm re-opening this topic (hoping that it is not against the forum rules) because I've got a similar situation with my week-old tattoo (which is located on the right forearm). I went to my tattoo artist which told me it's all fine, there's no infection and it will simply need more time to heal; I obviously trust him (I would not have asked him to ink me if I didn't!), but it would be nice to hear from you users of the forum if you have experienced similar situations (or know someone who did) and how well did they end.


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