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Sailor Jerry was not the first....

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to do traditional tattoos, but who was. I am really interested in the history of traditional american tattooing, any ideas, books, names, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Also any info on the transision into new traditional, tattooists, books etc would be great ;)

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George Burchett and the guys that trained him (had to look it up) Tom Riley and Sutherland MacDonald, that is another mark in history.

Its funny when you think about it. You start going further anzd further back from George etc. anz the designs most likely change and change some more. That in mind, what can ve defined as Traditional tattooing? You cant call it americana because George and the lads were English. Did they learn the trade from other sailors or in a island somewhere. Or did they just one day start poking themself with needle and some ink or soot? I do not know...

But, that is just part of labeling in a way. Doesnt really matter, but its cool, still.

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