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Ridiculous craigslist ads....


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I want to meet this man.

It's hard to tell what my favorite part of the ad was, because it was so fucking awesome, BUT I think this gets me:

"Sometimes I play guitar. Are you going to love getting baked and listening to Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd? LIVE? WHENEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT? Of course you are! I'll take requests and learn any song you like, because I have the voice of an angel and the acoustical stylings of James Fucking Taylor. AWWWWWW SHIT YEA! "

acoustical stylings of James Fucking Taylor... awesome.

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@slayer9019 - "Hipster-ass Hipster Bike for Hipsters" = hilarious. That was awesome lol. This line got me sore in the gut piece from laughing:

"...It's supersturdy now; I welded it to fuck and back. I painted the welding joint green because I was feeling creative and I don't have to explain my art to anyone."

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I just saw this stupid ad on Craigslist and thought I would share the humor.....

CL > portland > clackamas co > all services offered > financial services > Reply Reply to: fxw4m-3871664218@serv.craigslist.org [?]

flag [?] : miscategorized prohibited spam best of Posted: 2013-06-14, 5:55PM PDT



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This Provision Patent (Patent Pending) protects under US and international law.

So if you are a Tattoo artist or studio and want to be able to set yourself up from other shops worldwide you have the opportunity to do so by licensing the Tramp Stamp Provisional Patent from me.

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To secure your license of the provisional patent for Tramp Stamp reply to this email and lets get you started.


•Location: Clackamas

•it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posting ID: 3871664218

Posted: 2013-06-14, 5:55PM PDT

Updated: 2013-06-18, 10:06PM PDT

email to a friend

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