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Hello from the Bay Area


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How's it going, everyone?

I'm Josh, from just outside of San Jose. I'm not sure what makes a good introduction post, so this will have to do.

I got my first tattoo almost 3 months ago after 7 years of talk. I've always liked tattoos, but I never could quite figure out what it was that I liked about them. One of my good friends started his apprenticeship at a local shop and I think that helped refined my taste. After I got settled in at my new job I decided to commit to it. I get my fourth tattoo this weekend, and start my sleeve in two weeks!

It's awesome living in the Bay Area and being around so many great artists. I'm stoked to start my collection.

I'm also into stand-up comedy and cool clothes.


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Welcome to LST Josh, if you don't mind me asking who did your tattoos? and pictures if your a total badass ;)

My first is from my buddy who is an apprentice. Second is from Craig Brown at Historic Tattoo in Portland. And I just got this from Beau Brady at State of Grace in San Jose.


That's the only photo I have uploaded at the moment.

Great! Welcome! Let's see your stuff. Who are you starting your sleeve with??

Jill Bonny at State of Grace. I'm counting down the days!

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I can think of one LSTer who has a killer Jill Bonny back piece. wink wink @hogg

Great introduction @JoshRoss . I was just thinking the other day that a baku would be a addition to any collection.

I saw that piece when I was lurking around here and it rules!

Anyway, I'm glad I found this forum. The Tattoos Subreddit was making me super depressed.

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A baku, and I'm just gonna let her do her thing with the rest of the arm.

A: Baku are awesome

B: I love your approach to letting her do her thing. That to me is the spirit of tattoo with a good artist you trust.

:D Good luck and I will definitely be checking for pics of this piece.

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    • ... and xanax is on hand. Lol. My tattoo artist says I'm waaaaaaaay in my head. To the extremes.  It's strange. I feel fine with forearm tattoos tho. I do feel the couple I added yesterday helped a little, but I never wanted a "big" tattoo and it's just very jarring. Anxiety is a bitch. I wish I was more like...who gives a shit. All my tattoos have "zen" images and meanings, meanwhile I'm the furthest thing from zen there is. Lol. I guess I compare and question my design and need to get out of my head. My best friend is getting her tattoo from my guy BECAUSE of this tattoo of mine. And she has a gift certificate to somewhere else,  BUT she's going to him because of my tattoo. So, that says something. Says I need to shut up take a xanax and rock the damn tattoo. Lol.
    • Lol...no sleeves for me, that would send me straight to the grave. Lol. Thanks for your reply. I gotta get thru it and own it. I just got 2 new ones yesterday and it sorta brought it all together, but I still nit pick thos one apart. And I shouldn't but I do. I may have it wrapped around or something. Anxiety is the worst. Seriously awful. Wish my brain was care free
    • Anxiety sucks. What to do? Make it into a sleeve? Add tattoos around it? Make it part of a scene? I can relate to anxiety, but thankfully I never had tattoo regret. I’m in the last stages of a body suit, so if I did get it, I’d probably need a carload of Xanax. 
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