Ms or Mr Tweety... really I don't know...

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Hi :)

1. My English is bad. so I ask for forgiveness :)

2. I have a crappy tattoo like Tweety bird from cartoon... please don't say anything about couse I know, than this is the worst decision that I can make :)

3. I want to cover this shit, but i don't know for what...

please, help me, I don't want to depend on artist, I wish to have something ready, when I will be visiting him...

Best regards,


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aww that Tweety Bird is actually super cute to me. If you're open to the idea of not covering it up, I would actually suggest getting it colored in and putting a fun background behind it. If you absolutely wanna cover it up, you could get virtually anything. Are there any ideas you've been toying with in your mind? It's tough to give a recommendation without knowing what you're like.

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