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Hey everyone!

My name is Emily.  I'm 26 years old, originally from Michigan, currently living in Florida.  After a solid year of researching and reflecting, I finally got my first tattoo three weeks ago!  You can imagine I sifted through a lot of shit information on tattoos and tattooing during that time, so I'm happy to have landed here at last.  I've been lurking for the past few weeks and the trove of solid advice I've found here has done wonders for easing my numerous healing process anxieties.  I'm also excited to have found a community of tattoo enthusiasts since my husband and most of my friends are completely uninterested in tattoo culture.  I'm looking forward to joining the community, continuing to learn about the craft, and continuing to collect tattoos. :12_slight_smile:

Here's my new tattoo by Myra Oh out of Jacksonville, Florida.


tattoo day 0 2.JPG

three weeks healed:

tattoo day 21 2.JPG

close up (also three weeks healed; forgive my leg hair, I have no idea when it's okay for me to shave again):

tattoo day 21 9.JPG

tattoo day 21 12.JPG

I'm a pharmacist currently pursuing advanced training in toxicology, so all of the plants in the tattoo are toxic. :13_upside_down:

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3 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

Very cool! I recognize the digitalis, convalleria, and papaver bud (I think that's a poppy bud). What are the others? I adore your tattoo!!

Let's see...starting from the bottom left and working clockwise: lily of the valley, belladonna (kind of hard to see in the photos I posted, but they just look like black round berries), foxglove, poppy bud, yellow oleander, two morning glories, pokeberry, autumn crocus, more lily of the valley, and a big poppy in the middle. :14_relaxed:

Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!

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