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I'm mostly concerned that you just scheduled this at 1AM. Was this from the flyer in my neighborhood? They do specialize in flesh, you know..

Haha no I didn't schedule this at 1 am. I scheduled it earlier today and signed away the rest of 2012 to RG. Samurai and dragon is all I can say. I posted this because I was "stuck" at a bar drinking with some fellow rally fans since 5pm.

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My backpiece goes down about halfway onto my ass but it's not as densely tattooed as the full back-and-thighs pieces I've seen.

When I was getting it done I kept thinking about how Valerie Vargas or someone had said something to the effect that it was a horrendous area ... It wasn't great, there was a lot of involuntary tensing up. But personally I found around my hips sorer. People's mileage always seems to vary with these things.

One other thing: Sometimes people say things like "it felt like someone was slicing into me with a scalpel" or something to that effect. Well.... Probably best not to turn this over in your mind when you can't see what the tattooist is doing to your back, because it really doesn't help at all. :)

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My backpiece covers most of my ass. It was definitely the worst part of the outline session, and it doesn't even reach the thigh/ass meet-up point. Each of the subsequent sessions has started with Jeff asking me, "What do you want to do today?" My response is always the same: "Whatever you want, just no butt stuff." Reeeeeally not looking forward to when it comes time to finish that part of the tattoo.

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