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Welcome to LST. No jump ins here.....I think?

Maybe if she asked how much a shop would charge for a Justin Bieber song in typeface font across her whole back to cover up a silly traditional lady head.

Oh, and welcome to the forums. I'm pretty sure nerdy nurses will always be welcomed with open arms.

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I try to travel as much as possible to get tattoos. It's super fun for me to see new shops and explore new cities while also getting tattoos from amazing artists.

I already have a pin-up nurse tattoo, but am finally getting a rose of no man's land soon! Very excited!

I have a sleeve, and bigger tattoos coupled with smaller ones all over. Have a lot of appointments coming up around the US.


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There would be too many pictures to post! (see: my IG?)

I've been tattooed by: Grant Cobb, Fred Pinckard, Bob Roberts, Brad Stevens, Mario Desa, Tomas Garcia, Katie Davis, Christos, Nate Moretti, Brian Bruno, Ron Wells, Grez, Jason Hobbie, Dustin Davis, George Archer, David Bruehl, Richard Smith, Jojo Ackermann, Chelsea Shoneck, Civ, and James Cumberland.

I have upcoming appointments with: Timothy Hoyer, MaryJoy, Virginia Elwood, Paul Dobleman, Todd Noble, Robert Ryan, Jason Minauro, Steve Byrne, Stuart Cripwell, and Tony Hundahl.


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