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Bloodwork: Bodies


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Hi all -

I mentioned in the 2013: The Bay Area Convention of Tattoo Arts thread that when I was all high on tattoo endorphins and adrenaline and whatever the frak else my body generates to get all loopy post-tattoo - that I impulse bought the "Bloodwork: Bodies" & "Bloodwork: Sleeves" set.

All 30 lbs of it arrived yesterday.

I don't know yet why I'm even writing this now, because I am still overwhelmed by it.

So forgive me if I am late to the party, but:

Oh. My. GOD. These books are...breathtaking. I'm not even talking about the photos yet. The production and design of the book sleeves, the binding, and even the boxes they shipped in - are incredible.

And the photos. I don't even know where to begin. I actually had to stop looking midway through Vol 1 (and I only opened "Sleeves" enough to get my heart racing again before I had to shut it) because I was literally...I don't know...my heart was racing, my breath was short and fast, my body temperature wouldn't regulate, I got tunnel vision...it was like the tattoos and photos and presentation of the tattoos and photos all together caused me to have some sort of...something? I was hot and red and sweaty (and somehow this was NOT a sexual experience, hah!) and had the internal experience of being beset by a kaleidoscope of body suits (no drugs were involved, but this is what happened!). Internal because clearly I was not physically in the middle of said kaleidoscope, but I have a strong impression of that being my situation.

It's beautiful. So beautiful. But i feel f*@king crazy. Has this happened to anyone before? Am I going crazy?? I feel very sane and whole etc in every aspect of my life, but this is sort of throwing me through a loop, it was such an intense experience. I had a similar experience at the tattoo convention but thought it was just sensory overload because I am not very good in crowds...but it happened alone in my apartment, when I sat down to begin poring over the photos.

Anyway. I figured maybe someone here might have some insight. Or at the very least, having seen the books, understand my geekery/craziness/physical body reaction?!? ;p

In any event - well done, Adrian Lee. Thanks for elevating my art experience?!

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pouring vs poring. corrected it!
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I was fortunate enough to be in that book (as Jill Bonny's client), and even more fortunate to receive a copy for my participation. I echo everything you've said; it is without a doubt the most beautiful set of books I own. The sheer size of it is epic, and it really captures the magnitude and beauty of the work. I could look over both volumes every day for a year and never really feel like I took it all in.

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That would definitely be an amazing one to own some day. I'm banking on being in the sequel with ironchef and moisttowelette. I do believe Dana has a suit in it.

Wait. I've been sick this whole week so my brain is absolute mush, but was that a joke or is there really a second set in the works to look forward to?

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Wait. I've been sick this whole week so my brain is absolute mush, but was that a joke or is there really a second set in the works to look forward to?

No no, Sorry I don't mean to get your hopes up. I haven't heard anything. I'm just assuming that another book like it will come out eventually.

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