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RIP Thom Devita

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The last tattoo i received, my tattooist and I were talking about Thom Devita and with every decision making for that particular tattoo we would laugh and ask out loud "what would Thom Devita do ?". He definately left a mark on the tattoo underground and subculture and will be remembered with greatness RIP

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So sad to hear of his passing, but the man seemed to have led a great life.  His Tattoo Age episodes are responsible for really hooking me into the history of tattoos and art in general.  I'd love to wear a piece of his flash some day...

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For those interested, Scott Harrison's "Thom DeVita's Customer" podcast/story is now available on LP: https://shopreaper.com/products/thom-devitas-customer-lp-by-scott-harrisson

And the NY Times published a nice obituary to Thom (although seeing the word 'inked' in the first sentence made me cringe):https://shopreaper.com/products/thom-devitas-customer-lp-by-scott-harrisson

Scott is quoted in the obit, referred to as a "tattoo artist and one of Mr. DeVita's customers" which brought a smile to my face.  I can only imagine that was a conscious choice by Scott, but if it's purely coincidental then we know Thom is still pulling some strings with the universe.

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