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    Done at Invisible NYC by Garver
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    Cool, glad I can actually participate instead of just posting about my oogling like I usually do. I got it in April of 2014 and that feels like it was an eternity ago, I was even more of a youngin' then. Lars Lundquist at Inksmith & Rogers Admittedly I never took a good healed photo, so the one straight off the table will have to do.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    I was definitely unable to contain myself the last two months. -Dan Sinnes scribbled on this locust yokai at Temple. I'm so pumped on how it came together. He posted a photo of the draw on for hilarity. -Valerie Vargas did the Oni/Gorilla fight on my arm at the Bay convention. I liked the idea of the eastern/western imagery clashing. My right arm is all american traditional patchwork and my left is semi-american traditional style patchwork with Japanese imagery. This has already healed ridiculously well. Henning did the namakubi at the Bay convention. I had been waiting a few years to catch Henning at the convention when he had space from his larger works and this was the year. This is absolutely one of my favorite tattoo's. My girlfriend is definitely not as pumped. I'm blown away by his skill and kindness.
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    here is my one-shot psych-panther crawling up my inner thigh into the buy-me-dinner zone made by Shawn O'Connor in 2014 before he setup shop in Nelson, BC
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    Cor Mysterium Volume 1

    Super stoked that Cor Mysterium is available for pre-order. I am super excited to see all of the various submissions by some of my very favorite artists on the planet with the symbolism explained/dissected. Can't wait for mine to arrive!
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    Sup guys and gals, I am new. A bit about me, I got my first tattoo at 18, it is a character for "fire" or maybe ninja or Wednesday. Ha, I made the second one up. Well now in my early 30's, I have a few more. Currently workin on my Belly, still got a ways to go on it but I think I'll post it later. Goal is to finish my bodysuit by the time I am 40. Long road ahead but I am excited, na mean. Here are some crappy pics. 04/05 dragon Cavna, 08 Left boob Civ, 15' Right Boob(Hannya) Todd Noble. Flammable (Fudo)sword done by Noble a few weeks after? Shirt not included, my bad about the filter, I just Really like this Photograph.
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    I came across the site while looking online while at work a couple weeks ago and figured I might as well join in on the fun. I have been getting tattooed since the late 90's, but 3 kids had really put the hurt on any new work until the last couple years. The tiger shark in my profile pic is the most recent piece done about 3 weeks ago. I will work on posting some more pics shortly (I am at work and for some reason having a hell of a time sending the few pics that I do have from my phone to my work email). Just browsing the forum has been great and I am looking forward to contributing where I can and continuing to learn. Thanks! Sorry for the shitty picture of my rose panther also...
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    Here's a panther bursting free from a rose. This was done a little over three years ago by Chad Koeplinger and is a bit beat up like a tattoo should be.
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    YES! Here's mine from Theo Mindell, Spider Murphy's tattoo, healed:
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    Let's keep this momentum going! My panther vs. snake by Bailey Hunter Robinson. This tattoo just celebrated it's 5th year looking out at the world. Done in one sitting with about 4 hours of tattoo time, while Bailey was still in NYC. This was my first big tattoo, and I'm still stoked on it everyday!!! Play on LST.
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    Tattoo of the Month November 2016 - PANTHERS

    TATTOO OF THE MONTH IS BACK!!! Hope we see a strong turnout on this. RULES: The tattoo photos posted in this thread will be submitted for polling of Last Sparrow's Best PANTHER tattoo. This is all in good spirit and fun of course. The submission process opens on the first of the month and ends on the 20th of the month. After that there will be an open poll for one week, which will close on the 27th, and the tattoo with the most votes wins. Your tattoo picture must be posted in this thread (both tattooers and tattoo customers can win) in order to qualify. Include tattoo artist name & tattoo shop with your photo/post. You MUST be the one who has the tattoo or did the tattoo. It MUST be a finished tattoo It MUST fit the theme of the contest The theme of November is:
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    Cor Mysterium Volume 1

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    This has got to be one of my favourite sleeves here at LST .
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    So many amazing panthers! My personal favorite is Theo's on @9years with everyone else as a close second. And way to go for the panther win @Rob I with multiple panthers. I love seeing various interpretations. Thanks to all who have posted. Love seeing consolidated collections on a theme.
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    Here's my Steve Byrne panther from when he was at Invictus in Oslo. Fresh and healed photos.
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    Well, I guess I'll throw my "cat" in the ring (groannnn haha). I'm very happy with how this turned out. The pics are of the fresh tattoo. It has healed beautifully. Done a month ago by Franz Stefanik at the Okey Doke in Toronto, ON. I'll toss in the before and after pics too as it was a cover up of a sad old bird. 32 years old to be exact. And, I love the line work !
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    I didn't see anything in the rules regarding multiple submissions... so here is another panther done buy Nick Colella at this year's Montreal Tattoo Art Show. Healed pic
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    All have been amazing so far!!! Here's a panther and some roses done by Jebb Riley, done at Congress st tattoo. This was a spur of the moment cover up started while I was waiting on Chad Koeplinger to color in my chest eagle. He was running late, so I made good use of the down time. Done in 3 sessions. Second pick is a half shot of it healed several years later.
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    Rob I


    Here are crappy pics of my left arm. Through a mirror no less. Jason Scott did all the background work and left the perfect amount of negative space in my opinion. All the little blue flowers and vine swirl stuff was done by him. I love what he did.