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    Hi there. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your feedback and compliments. As an update, I'm feeling so much better about my tattoo and I'm liking it more and more and it has become part of me and who I am. I had some tough times and wow my mind went crazy. You're opinions and words have helped me a lot getting over the negative thoughts and emotions I had and I'm really glad time has made me realise why I got my crow and even though I couldn't really show it off yet, I'm quite proud about it. This is a great community here and I really appreciate the honest feedback I got. Thank you!
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    Minor shitty thing... broke my 4-speed about 6 weeks back. I was attempting a 2-3 shift at 4000 RPMs and it came out of 3rd gear hard. I limped home with a noisy transmission using 4th gear. Found a local guy to fix it up for only $400 which included a new cluster gear and some better used parts.
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    Colored Guy

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    This was done in April, Gina Sherry is the artist, shop is Studio 69 Tattoo, Ronkonkoma NY.
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    When your favorite Artist leaves?

    That would be a tough call. If it were me, since it is started, I'd stay with the artist and then re-evaluate after that one is finished.
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    Relationships and tattoos

    I was having breakfast the other morning and this lady kept giving me the stink eye. I got tired of it so finally I just confronted her. I said, "OK mom, that's enough; I know you don't like my tattoos." :-)
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Horitomo. Two sessions, all electric (rotary and coil). Photos do not do this justice! I will say that first four hours of outlining and shading was super hateful. Of course, I am already considering having him do my left shin. What is wrong with me? 😜
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    Hand Tattoos

    Healing is worse than the tattoo on the hand. I dry healed my hands as I now do for all my tattoos. It was the scariest and most painful healing experience in my 15 years getting tattoo. But I received them from one of the best cats around, so even though it looked like my hand was a candidate for an amputation, by the end of a grueling 6 week period it looked immaculate and no ink was lost. I had faith the entire time in what my tattooist had made for me. This is precisely why one should wait and explore tattooing on other parts of the body that are easier to heal and gain a better understanding of what tattooing is.
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    When you're getting tattooed and while getting tattooed, you're thinking of stuff to fill in new gaps formed by the tattoo you're currently getting.
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    When holiday planning involves researching artists in each potential destination.
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    My retirement project "the Hunley" runs! Not finished yet, but getting so close!
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    ... when you watch cooking shows on TV and pay more attention to the participants' tattoos than the food.
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    Refusing to talk about other topics that isnt tattoo related
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    A good chunk of storage on your computer is dedicated to future tattoo ideas.
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    right ! and when your wife tells you she is not so fond of hand and neck tattoos and you STILL get them !