Congratulations Ursula!!

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yes this is neccesary because i am so happy and excited for you and yes i did poach that pic from your facebook! I wish you and James all the luck in the world and for your future life together! and lets hope that the immigration does not take too much longer so you can go be with your man!

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Thanks Alana and thanks everyone else!

Yes it is true, James proposed last week while visiting me in Toronto. We celebrated by filling a large box at Nadege french bakers with all kinds of crazy tarts and pastries and then shared then with our friends at the tattoo shop. Later that night we went to Guu Saka Bar which friends who've been there (Japan i mean) claim it's the closest thing to being in Japan without being in Japan.

lol @Texkota pregnancy is def not something we're planning for now or anytime, no matter how badly his mom missed 'small feet running around the house' hahaha

Also, we should congratulate @shawn porter who got engaged within the last month as well!

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man, i'd destroy that ring in like a day. there would be a diamond missing after the first 24 hours haha.

anyways, CONGRATS! has a date been set?

Free repairs! My dude was good enough to purchase the lifetime warranty :)

No date yet, that will come later and depend on what happens with immigration.

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Ursula.... CONGRATULATIONS from Richard and me..... You guys are some of the most genuine and understated people in my book and even with our differences, I miss the fuck outta of ya. I think it's one reason I am like ok lets get the fuck outta JAX to the next gig... Any who, much love to you both! It's a sophisticated, and timeless design. You'll wear it well.

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    • I prefer to plan my tattoos based on body parts. In my mind, the body is a canvas split into various "parts". The chest, the back, the upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, etc. For example, I plan my upper and lower arm half sleeves with an idea or theme in mind. On the other hand, my lower left leg is reserved solely for smaller pieces of flash that might catch my fancy from time to time. Elsewise, I intend to continue planning each part as a "large" complete tattoo in and of itself. The reason is my absolute lack of any form of artistic sense. If I get "smaller" tattoos, I cannot envision how they would work with other tattoo ideas that I might have. That would probably leave me with a smattering of small tattoos with huge empty spaces in between... an absolute waste of tattoo prime estate. I have seen the "body suit" that many people have that are made up of small tattoos with little to no link to each other. Personally, I don't think it looks any less impressive than a specifically designed body suit. It just messes with my mind. Gives me tattoo block. Lol.
    • Back to the main topic, I have always believed that you should always get a tattoo for you. As long as it makes sense to you, that's all that truly matters. That said, you can't really stop people from commenting or asking questions that make you wanna strangle them. Depending on my mood, the question "What is it or what does it mean" can be met with a blank stare, a wordless smile, or some inane story that I made up on the spot. Hope that helps!
    • Um.... So my thread is all over the place now... XD anyway, my idea is... I want a rose and dagger, but instead of a dagger its scissors. Does it make sence? I know its stupid to think about what people would think, I personally like this idea, but I am asking myself the same annoying questions that people usually ask, like 'what Does it mean?' and I just think its original take on the traditional design. 
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