Currently in the market for prints and originals

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@ian nice additions to the your collection. I don't know if you follow Dana Helmuth onInstagram, but he currently has some 12x16 originals up for auction (ending 8pm eastern time tonight). Not getting a lot of attention so you might be able to snag them for a very reasonable price.

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I looked through that site when I watched On The Shoulders the first time, decided to stop looking cause if I buy everything I saw that I wanted, then I couldn't afford tattoos... kind of a catch 22

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timothy hoyer prints: Home / Three Hours Past Midnight

Also wanted to share my custom frame source:

Each these frames (including glass, mat, and backing) was less than $25. If you email them they will cut custom frame and mat sizes. Great option for inexpensive prints. Much classier looking than the off the shelf stuff from places like Michael's.


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I got tattooed at Aloha Tattoos in Barcelona last week and one of the many cool things about that shop is that it's also a "tattoo art gallery" with lots of art and prints for sale. Currently they have an exhibition of Matt Bivetto's drawings, which are really fantastic and I wish I had the spare money to buy one of them (and/or get down to NYC and get tattooed by him). I did pick up this really cool print from El Carlo though:


The website for La Cobra Negra is here: La Cobra Negra Tattoo Art Gallery — Home and they have a bunch of prints, originals, flash, sketchbooks, etc., for sale. There's a lot of really cool stuff there.

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I just recieved a big ol box full of prints from Ian Bederman, @wonkytiger on instagram, he has a lot of cool stuff, not sure how many of this anatomy series are left but I thought it was a really good deal.

Here is a terrible photo I took trying to get everything in the frame:


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    • By Shakkazombie
      Hello everyone!
      I have spare copies of the first and second Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash books. Both are in very good - excellent condition, just a bit of bending at the corners.
      Volume 1 - $200 shipped

      Volume 2 - $165 shipped

      PM with any questions.
      Make me an offer. The worst I can say is no.
    • By Lochlan
      So as you may or may not have seen there were some request to start a new area for tattoo designs (thanks for the feedback!) so the LST Team decided to add a new tab obviously titled "Tattoo Designs" as you are here. But no one seems to be writing anything so I figured I would make an intro to our new tab and try to throw some gasoline and an M-80 on the fire to get it burning!
      Please do not let the title of the tab limit your writing, pictures, ideas, creative muses, etc to tattoo designs but let it be any art. What, who is your muse for a piece and how do you decide what genre/format to do it in?
      We see hundreds/thousands of dragons, tigers, skulls, roses, nautical, script, girls faces, daggers, yada yada art yet it continues to be done. There is nothing wrong with any of the above as I always enjoy seeing each artist or tattooers flavor added to it. For all you "foodies" out there think of the various spices or flavors chefs try over and over to make their own unique meal. Their own unique burger, grilled cheese, salad, you get the picture!
      Oh yeah if you have art or flash or tattoo machines or what have yous post some info with a link under the "Vendor Marketplace" as that are is pretty silent as well and we hope will generate some new business for you!!
      On with the bag of M-80s, lets do this.........
      I think the best roses are done by Tim Hendricks and would love to hear how he came to how they are now???
    • By MsRad
      what's everyone's opinion on this?
      i know there are some artists out there that feel that if one artist bases their design off of another artist's work, that is stealing. however, almost every artists incorporates the use of designs that have been used for many, many years. what's the difference to you (if there is one)?
      since i'm not an artist, only a client, i'm just curious to hear what everyone thinks.
    • By shaneenholm
      Scott reprinted these and asked me to help him sell a few...he ain't computer savvy...savvy??? and i love him..he did these at sailor moses in 87..and they were all the he wants 25 4 for shipping and if you paypal add one dollar to it too so can paypal me at
      Now please know that like bobs paintings I am not adding a markup for me...for real..i just like helping only keep what you give away anyway....(no that does not jive with scott or bob and thier art mind you....Scott only printed a get em while we got em

    • By Nick Colella
      This is a 10 sheet set i did in early 2010, all sheets are 11 x 14 printed on thick stock you can paypal $100 to and ill cover the shipping.
      you can see close ups of each sheet on my profile page