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Tonight: Seventh Son Year of the Dragon Art Show

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That line up is epic. And yes, I'm jealous and currently hate you ;) (It's good to see one Australian on there)

If you can/want to take any photos, I promise the hate will subside lol. Seriously though, have an awesome night dude!

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I have a few pics, but I'm only posting them in order to stem the tsunami-like tide of Duffa's hate. Apologies for the quality of the pics. It was really, really crowded in there (great art + free beer = lots of people), so it was tough to get good angles, but here's a taste.

Julian Zeff (a really nice guy and great artist who works at Unbreakable in LA--we chatted for a while and compared collections):


Troy Denning (really hard to photograph a mirror, so I figured I'd at least smile for my camera):


Erik Rieth of Seventh Son ("Cloud Dragon"):


Luke Stewart of Seventh Son (this thing was about 6 feet tall!):


I think this was by Jeff P, and while technically not a dragon, it is technically awesome:


Bryan Randolph of Spider Murphy's:


Paul Anthony Dobleman of Spider Murphy's (the border on this thing is incredible!):


Stuart Cripwell of Spider Murphy's (how badass is this?):


Theo Mindell of Spider Murphy's (really hard to get a good shot of this, but for those that have met Theo, you'll appreciate his addition of a 70s wizard):


Kevin Pulido of Diamond Club (hard to believe he's only been tattooing a few years--this thing was huge and so beautiful):


Junii Salmon of Diamond Club (leave it to her to make a dragon look like a sweet kitty):


Yokohama Horiken of State of Grace:


Some guy named Mike Roper:


Yutaro Sakai of Skull & Sword:


Shad (Hori Tsuki Kage):


Trevor McStay ( @Duffa: AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE!):


Ladies and germs, The Grime:


The One Horitomo, State of Grace:


Tattoo Mick of Zurich!


Kahlil Rintye of Tattoo City:


Oops--I went over the limit of 20 images per post. Be right back!

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beautiful stuff, I would love to see what Juan had in the show. My grlfriend is curious, because after she told Juan that some flowers he was tattoing looked like ''you could smell them, thier so beautiful'' he said '' oh, I can't draw'' hehe. gotta love the humility. I especially like the stuff from Spider Murphy's. oh yeah , go Junii!

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