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Random Cell Phone pics


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3 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

What is the backstory on this photo? @pidjones

We are on a short vaca to Kennedy Space Center to tour and see a launch (not Falcon Heavy - it will be a madhouse for that!) This was taken in the Apollo/Saturn V center. Lots of great exhibits and things to do @ KSC! We have spent three days there so far, and will be there tomorrow for a Falcon 9 launch.

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That is so cool. I would love to see a launch of *something* (private or govt) in my lifetime. Enjoy! Post an update when you can!
Or, post an update when I'm scrolling through five years later? We were on our third visit to the Saturn 5 center (sooooo much to see), and I was looking at a replica lunar buggy display when the building started shaking. Ran out onto the lawn on the East side in time to catch the plume from a ~4 second blast from Falcon Heavy's 27 Merlin engines test firing! A few days later we returned to the Saturn 5 center to watch a Falcon 9 send a satellite up.
Now, I may need a trip to South Texas.
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