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Cat tattoos


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Neat, @polliwog - it's cool to read the back stories.

I started watching other videos in this series and was wondering if one of my cats would make a good story. He was an outdoor cat we made a heated house for on the back porch - didn't want to bring him in because he didn't get along with our other cats through the screen door. But he stopped showing up, and I caught him after several days and rushed him to the ER with his tail chewed up from a cat fight and hugely infected. He brought him in, fixed him up, and refused to let him back out. Turns out he contracted FIV from the cat he fought with, and then 4 months later developed diabetes and lost a ton of weight. We started him on insulin and I followed a very challenging research protocol to get him off insulin. After 8 months of injections and 8 tests a day (and no full-night sleep for me this whole time), his pancreas healed and I got him off insulin! He's now diet controlled, and my little lover boy.

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