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Your top 5 UK artists


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Hello everyone. I'm interested to know your favourite artists in the UK. Maybe I'll learn something. Mine change on a weekly basis but I'll start. in no real order by the way!

1: Andrea Giulimondi

2: Sway

3: Oliver Macintosh

4: Joe Ellis

5: Rich Hadley

What are your opinions on my list?

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I don't think anyone was/is offended or upset at all. You just have to realize that sometimes @Graeme doesn't like things. And that's ok too.

It's true, I am the grumpiest person here. And of course we all have our favorites--you can tell who mine are because I've been tattooed by many of them--I just really don't like the idea of a top whatever list or ideas about "the best" because that kind of stuff belongs on reality TV or on know-nothing clickbait sites. The best tattoo is the tattoo that is made well, that you like, and that you had a good experience getting. If you like a tattooer, get tattooed by him or her. Everything else is silly.

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Yeah,it's a good thing to share info about a tattooer who's work you like even though you may personally never get tattooed by that artist.I know a lot of artists in UK travel to the States to work,and maybe I will get a chance to be tattooed by a few of them.I did come across an artist in the UK who I wasn't aware of,and really like his chrysanthemums a lot.So another artist on the list.


https://instagram.com/akumashugi This guy does beautiful animals like the Monmon cats

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...Richie Clarke (even though I technically did get tattooed by him a couple years back in Dallas).

I feel like this part needs an explanation. Did you accidentally get tattooed by him somehow? Was it such a small tattoo that you aren't counting it? Or are you saying you want to get tattooed by him again? :)

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Well it's criminal that Alex Binnie isn't here !

Alex Binnie | Heartbeatink Tattoo Magazine

There's so many great artists in this country check out some of my favourites

Ian Flower https://instagram.com/ianflowernst/?hl=en

Duncan X https://instagram.com/duncanxtattoos/

Tomas Tomas https://instagram.com/tomastomas108/?hl=en

Valerie Vargas https://instagram.com/valeriemodernclassic/

Stewart Robson https://instagram.com/stewart_modernclassic/?hl=en

Bradley Tompkins https://instagram.com/bradleytompkins/?hl=en

Curly Moore https://instagram.com/curlytattoo/

Alex Reinke https://instagram.com/horikitsune/?hl=en

Jimmie Tatts https://instagram.com/jimmiebss/?hl=en

Lee Knight https://instagram.com/lmknight/?hl=en

I'm also a fan of Claudia De Sabe's , Richie Clark and Jordan Teear but they have been mentioned already .

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I'm going to mention Mo Coppoletta (The Family Business Tattoo).

Mo is not a 'tattoo community' guy and he doesn't put pictures of his work online anymore.

No secret I've got a lot of work by him, but to me he is just getting better and better.

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