Periodic touch-ups?

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Have any of you felt the need for periodic touch-ups? Say, every five years or so? I really have no plans for more work after my 2/3 sleeve is finished. Will kind of miss the visits, though.

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I've thought about this too @pidjones but moreso at the 10 year mark. Then I hit the 10 year mark and my tattoos look better now that they have aged (and been lived in) than fresh!

I asked my tattooer about recolouring parts of my sleeve eventually. He said, well yeah but then parts will look fresh and the rest old, so where do you draw the line and just rework the whole thing? The body can only hold so much ink before it over saturates and turns to mush. Part of what makes a good tattoo is design, placement and execution to age gracefully.

There are some cats that are starting to laser off 10 year old sleeves just to get new sleeves made. That being said in the coming years I will probably be going for 2nd layer pile ons with parts of my bodysuit. I have no regrets. People always comment I have no space left but I keep finding little nooks and crannies to insert fun little momentos ;)

Enjoy your pieces for now, new ideas and placement will keep coming to ya!

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cmon man you're not stopping

how about some good old american traditional

on the topic in general i dont see myself ever seeking out the touchups

each tattoo

special time

special place

the aged lived in look marks that

does the touch up take away that magic

its up to the individual of course but i wonder about that

i kinda dig blastover a bit

but i kinda would expect to be completely covered to consider that

just get more cool tatts @pidjones!

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I've had some real old work freshened up, good as new again. I've had more recent work touched up, like the reds and yellows that wash out of me faster than any other colors. I go in the sun and wear a high SPF, even that's not good enough.

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I think I'll eventually get my feet reworked as I got them done in Australia and despite using sun block religiously I think the uv was just too strong and it battered them in their most sensitive states. I really love those tattoos but I think I'll wait until I've tattooed every else before doing it again (they hurt).

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    • While I understand from a design standpoint the need to see what needs to be added/amended, I prefer to protect the privacy of my kids and their names/choices. They agree with me. After I come to a decision and make the changes they may change their minds and be ok with me posting pics of what is done, but that will be up to them. What I'm really interested in learning is how others have handled this type of thing.
    • well I wouldn't worry about it then, and maybe don't use that same gel on fresh tattoos.
    • Thanks Dan,i used a normal fragranced shower gel,the previous 2 days i used a different one,and was fine....i only got inked in black The rash wasnt on the tatt but in the areas around it..i put some camphor cream on,and it started to fade away.its fine now..just stressed to get another one,and is 3 weeks too soon to get another one done?
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