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Opinions On This Design.

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My Dad got this same design in Fayetteville, N.C. in 1953 (obviously not from Sailor Jerry, but the same design anyway).

It's the only tattoo he ever got, and at 75 years old you can imagine that tattoo looks like total shit, and it does.

I'm almost 46 now, but I can remember seeing seeing this tattoo since I was three years old. It got me hooked on anything and everything to do with tattoos ever since then.

Pop's is on his left arm, about the size of a softball. I don't have any room on either arm for it so I'm gonna get it on my left leg on Saturday.



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dude you should get this!

I am getting it!

Tomorrow, Sep, 3rd, 2011, 1:00pm. I'm not looking forward to the pain but I can't wait to wear this tattoo.

I'll see my Dad again in November. I think he'll like it.

I printed it out on an 8x10 sheet of paper, which is almost just the right size for my leg (needs to be shrunk a tiny bit, but not much) and showed it to the artist who's going to do it way back in July. He already knew the back story but when he saw the actual design he said "That's just classic. Period. I cannot wait to do this tattoo."

The only reason I didn't get it before is because I wanted to find someone I was absolutely sure would get "it" and could pull it off, and I have.

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