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Fan of The following @(s):

Inmates daily

Jamie Thomas

seventh letter

Most expensive dinners

uncle Allen

Mario desa

Honkey kong

Norm awr

Good locals that deserve credit(buffalony):



(both tattooers at HOD)

@buffalony (some kid that takes really nice picture of our my city)

@cabbagerwsb (takes only pictures of solo vintage automotives, sick photographer)

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this thread already exists with other names listed, it didn't got to far though as it was before everyone started using it http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/random-crap/1028-instagram.html

I remember that thread, it died a quick death. But also at that time IG was pretty new. A few that I mentioned weren't on when that thread was created.

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also my name on instagram is


you should check out


@the_hyena (ron wells)

@dwizilliams (dean williams of elm st)

@wessandlin (don't know who he is in real life but his painting are amazing)

@blackgoldbrooklyn (dan's antique shop)


@JamesBuie (my fiancé from inksmith and rogers)



@jimmywhitlock (lucky supply guy)






@brianvenable (lucero guitar man and all around nice guy)


@krakhouse (bert krak)

@mikebruce (inksmith n rogers)

@hmic (josh arment of aloha monkey)

@ShawnPorter (our own!)


@mmtextiles (robert ryan's talented lady)

@17ftnomad (another inksmither)

@mike_woods (inksmith again)

@maryjoytattoo (tattoo city lady tattooer)


@Angelomiller (time tells tattoo pigments)



@snoopdog (the one and only!)


@doughardy (tattoo city)

@deerjerk (makes rad art)

there's lots and lots more but i think that's enough from me.... sorry if i duplicated anyone

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Here are some of my favorites @:

Stewart Robson - @stewartrobson

Valerie Vargas - @Valeriefst

Troy Denning - @invisibleson

Ross Nagle - @rossnagle

Saved Tattoo - @saved_tattoo

Slavs Dtarkov - @starkotattoo

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yeah i think i follow all of these, def good ones for sure. i forgot to mention mine im @moezesucks i mostly take pictures of my sphynx cats and weird punk houses i stay in.

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    • I was prepared for my knee ditch to be a tough spot to heal. I was not prepared for it to get INFECTED! Ugh. Fortunately, I sought medical care as soon as something seemed amiss: abnormal redness around the tattoo about a week out from getting it done, and the worst tattoo itchiness I’ve ever experienced (I actually thought I’d gotten a mosquito bite ON the fresh tattoo at first.) I’ve been on antibiotics for a few days and it hasn’t drastically improved, but the itchiness has subsided and at least it doesn’t appear to be getting worse. And the tattoo still seems to be healing normally. Not sure where I went awry with this healing as I babied this tattoo more than any of my others. I only washed twice a day instead of three, but I also wasn’t leaving the house at all and had it exposed to air almost constantly. *shrug* I emailed my artist and the shop just to give them a heads up, which I felt kind of weird about but they should know, right? I don’t actually think I picked this up at the shop, but couldn’t hurt for them to give everything a nice once over with disinfectant, yeah? Anyway, this first picture is some mild redness, the second is the worsening redness one day later that prompted me to go to urgent care. The second is a couple days later. Looks about the same currently…really hoping to see more significant improvement soon.  
    • Hi there! So I just got two tattoos last night, one on top of each other. The one on the top seems pretty normal to me, it’s red and is a little uncomfortable like any other tattoo, but the one below that one is more red, has some bruising it looks like? The skin is tighter and it stings a little bit more than the one above it. Now I don’t know if it’s because of the placement, because maybe that one was more over worked than the other one? I know it is still very new and fresh, but my other tattoos have not reacted this way but I’m wondering if maybe because it’s in my arm? And the stinging feeling feels like sun burnish, but only on the bottom one. Does anyone have any advice for me??!
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