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New and young guy here


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Thought I'd introduce myself, I've been a long time lurker and decided to join to get advice and be able to talk with all the cool people here. I'm 21 and in Phoenix, az. I'm extremely in to tattooing and Cant get enough of it. Ill attach a couple of my most recent.

Mostly why I wanted to join here is I want to know what I need to find an apprenticeship? How do I go about getting into doing tattoos and art, I'm currently a auto tech student so I do have something to fall back on, I just feel like this is a passion of mine, considering I'm always looking at artists on the internet and watching interviews and reading. Where do I start?

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Okay ignore that sorry. I meant more along the lines of if I want to start collecting and just general info on if I wanted to start painting or things like that not necessarly looking for how to find a apprenticeship. My bad.

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I was in Phoenix a few years ago,and there's plenty of good shops around.If your into traditional work then immaculate is one of the best.I also liked these tattooers.

Mikey@ Home

Meg@ Love and Hate - Tattoos and Body Piercing

Arizona Tattoo Artists, Traditional Tattoo Artists, Tribal Tattoo Artists

- Electric Haven Tattoo & Barber

Living Ghost Tattoo

5th Estate Tattoo : Gilbert Arizona

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