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Philadelphia Tattoo Convention 2015

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I went to this convention for the first time last year and got tattooed by Ron Wells. It's kind of a shit show with the amount of people and things going on, but it's ok. There are a ton of terrible artists there, but there are usually a decent amount of solid ones. If I wasn't already getting tattooed at Kings Avenue that weekend I might go try and snag something.

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Also, how many people usually compete in the different categories? 10s? Hundreds?

It would be pretty awkward if it's just me and @SeeSea up there and she beats me singlehandedly. I'd prefer we both lose.

Funny - I had the same question. I have no idea how this works. I was looking for some sort of top I could wear that would show my entire back without showing everything else to the world, too.

Hey - let's both give it a try and meet up, and if either of us wins, we'll just have to agree to 2-out-of-3 and head to Baltimore in April! :D

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Man, I hope they have different categories for men and women or @Cork's gonna kick my ass.

Well it's time for you to extend past your butt. Maybe a wrecked cargo ship, so that we can make the joke about plundering your booty.

Anyhow, with the contest I'm just planning on there being a ton of people and some guy showing up with a Shige piece to steal it from all of us. I'm just going to do it for fun.

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Haha! Good one. Mine does end rather abruptly, doesn't it? ;) (BTW - the broken tilted mast in the middle is the mast of a Japanese cargo ship (Nippo Maru) from WWII that was used in the war as a water carrier. Before the war it had apparently been used to transport bananas! Plunder would have been much more fun if it had been sake.) Although there was pretty cool artillery, a tank on the top deck and torpedoes in the holds.

Yeah, it will be cool just having done the contest regardless. We can have our own contest with the following categories:

Philly Tattoo Convention, Contest: Back piece, Division: LST, Class: Male. And the Winner is - @Cork!

Philly Tattoo Convention, Contest: Back piece, Division: LST, Class: Female. And the Winner is - @SeeSea!

Of course, unless some of our cohorts around here decide to join us. Then we'll have to create sub-classes such as Japanese, B&G, etc. Because you know, now in America, everyone has to get a trophy.

- - - Updated - - -

Here is the mast reference for my back, and stuff on the deck. Pretty weird to swim over that and into the holds to see torpedoes jumbled about. They told us, don't bang your gear around - everything is still live.





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According to the web site, Back Piece doesn't have gender classes. Judging for it starts 5pm Sunday. They do have Saturday and Sunday XL Color classes, Saturday gender-specific and Sunday mixed. Of course, it may all change before the show. There is also a Best in Show on Sunday (probably chosen just before closing). I could see either of you for that.

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I went last year and also to the Baltimore convention a few years earlier, both by Villain Arts. Most of the idiots there are huddled around all the "famous" Inkmasters. You'll see lots of goombas with their sleeves rolled up, showing off their epic tribal arm bands. A big emphasis on the Side Show acts and Eddie Munster. Many "artists" that have no business tattooing. Quite a few great artists too.

I haven't looked at the artist attending list this year because I will be skiing that weekend but here are some good artists I saw last year or know are attending from IG posts.

Myke Chambers

Tim Pangburn

Linus O'malley

Eli Falconette

Sean Lanusse

Dave Bruehl

Marina Inoue

Heather Law

Mark Stewart

Mike Adams

Pat Haney

Mike Ski

Josh Hoffman


Travis Broyles

Murray Sell

Craig Chazen


I'm forgetting many others.

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