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Last year's was my first convention, unfortunately, I came I got tattooed and I ran, I had a blast despite Amber's section kept loosing power. Hopefully I can get down there again this year with time to walk around.

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Guest nikkixmalicious

im gonna be there with poison apple tattoo and the rigor mortis revue. we're performing both nights if any one is into horror themed burlesque :)

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I'll be there sharing a booth with another Miami-based shop, Nue Tattoo Studio. First time working this convention, super stoked for it. I'll have some paintings & prints available, and tattoo designs drawn up just for the show. Looking forward to meeting all you guys and gals! Please stop by the booth and say hi! I'm not an asshole, I swear!

P.S. - My apologies for not contributing more on here! This is a great site/forum and I will make it a point to spend more time on here!

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    • Tattoos don't heal on a schedule. 4-6 weeks is a general guideline. I had one that didn't completely settle for a year. It was the purple color that didn't look quite right. I forgot about it and at some point I looked at it and noticed that it looked perfect.
    • That's why you double check before you give the go ahead to start. Don't worry about it. I showed it to my wife and she didn't even notice. Only in our dreams do other people care about our tattoos.
    • Just enjoy it. It doesn't change the meaning. And yes, stencils are always reversed.  
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