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how to get rid of a pimple on my tattoo


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i come asking for serious opinions and you come trolling aghh i tell ya seeking advice forum certain people is like pulling teeth

Dude, you got serious answers from the jump.

No one can diagnose you over the 'net.

You got advice to take it to a doc if yer worried about it. What else do you want people to say? Everyone heals differently, it's impossible to tell from a low-res snapshot what's going on with it.

Nothing else to say. You got zits, or work that isn't healing, or whatever. There's your serious advice.


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I'll work my way in here and dance a little.....you got great advice for a tattoo forum or any other online outlet (maybe try Mayo Clinic like other worry-warts) from experienced LSTers (tattoo collectors and medical staff) yet you continue(d) to:

1) ask the same question

2) stay worried

3) take over/distract other LSTers threads

4) rack up a quick ten post (I was online when you joined yet didn't spam you as I and other mods wanted to give you a chance) so you can write your own thread

.....yet all you had to do was just an intro (you don't need a minimum for that) about yourself and your concern with pics...listened to the advice and then given the advice that sat best with you a ride (for more than a few days or hours) to see what happens.

I think had you taken at least one of the offerings an LSTer offered then members wouldn't be playing with you. So my question is who is the troll? LSTers have been very polite, me not included right now.

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Moral of the story: This is exactly why I tell my clients to come to me with problems healing etc. rather than friends uncles or online forums. Going to the internet for advice is a surefire way to get a dozen conflicting opinions by potentially unqualified people. (Read - DANGER! BAD IDEA!!?!)

If your tattooer can't or is unwilling to help you, that should be a sign that you need a different tattooer.

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