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Bottom of Toe Tattoos


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I saw the cutest tattoo on the bottom of a toe awhile back of Hello Kitty:


Ignore her rude gesture. I know tattoos on feet do not last and need retouching. I know they're great places for fun tattoos you don't want really as serious decorations on your corpus, but are fun and have meaning. I love kids, and I'm an Adventure Time fan. I adore dogs, and Jake. Anyone get one of these bad boys on the bottom of the big toe?


The lines are simple and seeing that cute little face would cheer me up before long shifts putting my shoes on. Good idea? Bad idea?

I have size 7 US feet, ergo on the smaller, but not super small side. Any experience on pain and how they age? I don't have the greatest pain tolerance, but I can get through a four hour session with no more than the occasional "ouch," swearing, and moan. How quick does it wear and require a retouch?

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21 minutes ago, Vanessa Rae said:

FIRST OFF, that's is my tattoo on my toe and F*** you for stealing it and F*** your comment about me flipping you off ya snotty piece of shit.

LOL  what did she steal ? all she said was it's a cute tattoo,

and besides,that was 6 years ago ,

I'm sure your toe tattoo fell out long ago. LOL

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