Happy Birthday LST Loch!

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it's Loch's birthday and we didn't know??? man, we should have a party or something! next LST norcal meetup there will be cupcakes for sure if Loch's in attendance!

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haha, thanks everyone. Nothing too exciting just a busy day of work, research and now an early night leaving town tomorrow (SAC) for the day for a mtg on a new contract with the state I just found out I was granted around linguistics and psychology which I am very very excited for. It'll be my first time doing the Amtrack line to SAC so should get to do work with a new view.

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    • Laser removal is not an eraser. You'd still faintly see the tattoo. If it is scarring, then yes, you'd still see the scar, too.
    • Okay so this is scarring? Also the question is if I was to remove this tattoo would I have scarring in the shape of the tattoo ? 
    • Thanks!  Loving it and stoked to finish it up... Will be really cool to nail down the color scheme as we finish it.  Could go pure traditional (black, gray, red, yellow) or change it up a bit...  I saw a traditional eagle the other day done in all monochrome black/gray/blue shades... not as traditional but super cool.
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