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Curious if anyone else in here collects old acetate stencils? I would really like to have a peek at other peoples collections. For some reason I almost enjoy collecting stencils more than flash. I just like holding an old acetate in my hand and imagining how many people got tattoos from it. Here are some of my collection. I have a bunch more I need to take pictures of.

Bob Shaw


Owen Jensen


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I love looking at acetate stencils when I get the chance to see them and thinking how some of them have traveled ridiculous miles being sent from one tattooer to another, tattoo shop to shop. I really like that Owen Jensen eagle and snake...any chance of a close up pictures of it? Thanks for sharing these and look fwd to more from those willing to share....

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Just wanted to bring this thread back from it's grave because it is a pretty nice collection....and because I do collect acetates as well! :)

For some reason I think I missed this thread -- thanks Bunny!

@ShawnPorter hope you don't mind me linking this from OV, but here's a great post from the Philly convention. Perez picked up an old Lee Roy stencil and I was lucky enough to stumble over to his booth and get it put on, with graphite and all. Lineage « Occult Vibrations

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Neat stuff. 3 of my earliest pieces were done from stencils, and pieces of the 4th. Talk about a pain! One kool part is that one of them, a parrot, is still at Chicago Tattooing, and my sons are planning on getting it on themselves.

I'd watch Dale outlining on a stencil-design, and wonder howinhell he could possibly see what he was doing. Somehow, it always seemed to come out right.

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My older work was all acetate stencils. The stencils were usually made from the wall art by an apprentice. Perforate all those little holes along every line... I used to watch them do it. I can recall the artist cursing when they had to cut a fresh stencil. They were usually kept in a drawer in some sort of order and had the reference # from the flash on the wall.


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