best shops???

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ok, just for fun: I'm mostly talking quality of tattoos being put out, but I suppose we can also consider art collections, amenities etc. I'm gonna start out with some of my favorites from the US only. (I wouldn't even know where to begin if including shops beyond)

Black Heart (not just because this is Scott's forum either)

King's Ave

Smith St

Slave to the Needle


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I think the question is what defines the best shop for a person. Judging a shop is different that judging the tattooers that work there. Like Shannon I would say the shop I work at in my mind is the best shop. But that is only because all of us our like minded in our approach and expectations of a tattoo shop. I like a shop that specializes in traditional,but can full off basically any style, that is fun to hang out in, and relatively accessible to get tattooed. I don't expect to necessarily walk in and get tattooed on the spot but it nice to be able to get tattooed within a reasonable time. I would say my three favorite shops to get tattooed in Portland are Imperial Tattoo, Deluxe Tattoo, and Acme Tattoo. If you asked me who had the most talented artists I would say Atlas Tattoo, Artwork Rebels, possibly Mr Tattoo because their lineup seems to be ever changing, but every big name tattooer mentions that shop to guest spot in. But ultimately my opinion is only as good as the amount of shops I have visited so I guess the only solution is to visit more

My favorite tattoo shop to get tattooed by on the road is Chicago Tattoo Company. I have yet to visit Smith Street and many other shops that I am sure I would enjoy as well. Ultimately my opinion is only as good as the amount of shops I have visited so I guess the only solution is to visit more

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How about Mike Perfettos in Bensonhurst, Goldfields in SF, Kadillac Tattoo in Philadelphia, Crazy Eddies in Philadelphia, Tattoo Peters in Amsterdam, all great shops that have been around a long time and are crammed with tattoo history. R and D tattoo in Queens is floor to ceiling with hand painted NY style flash. These shops have been worked and are steeped in tattoo mojo.

On a Monday Shamrock in Hollywood has Mark Mahoney, Freddy Negrete and Rick Walters, thats over 100 years of tattooing there and its a great lookin shop.

Spotlight in Hollywood is another great shop with real character and a waiting room with 4 walls of hand painted Bob Roberts flash.

Bert Grimms on the Pike R.I.P. was the benchmark for all tattoo shops and when I went in there I knew there was no way I was leavin without gettin tattooed.

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I'm really digging Virtue Tattoo in Houston, TX right now, great set up, great art, great artists. Owned by Lana Gooding previously of Taylor Street Tattoo in Chicago. I had a Sailor Jerry Eagle done at virtue a couple of months ago, going to get a panther head and an anchor there in January.

If you are in Houston check it out.

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I got tattooed at Mike Perfetto's shop over 10yrs ago,and the tattoo looks fairly new.He did a blue koi on my leg.I just was at his shop a few months ago to grab some business cards.That shop is like a hidden gem.

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      Forgive me if this has already been discussed at length, but I tried searching for a topic like this and couldn't find any info about it.
      I'm moving from the east coast to the west coast in the next few weeks and I'm trying to increase the Rolodex of shops/tattooers to check out in that neck of the woods.
      My knowledge of west coast tattooers is pretty limited to California (namely just in SF and Oakland), but I was curious who you all recommend checking out in the Pacific Northwest area while I'm living out there.
      Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!
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      Les Collier opened this shop recently,and he does some real nice work.
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    • By David Flores
      One thing I haven't heard discussed is how cool and important having a good name for a tattoo shop is. Maybe I am kind of a snob,but if a shop has a dumb name, it sets off red flags for me and makes me a little unsure right off the bat. That being said obviously naming a tattoo shop, shouldn't and sometimes doesn't have anything to do with quality of work, but my hunches rarely let me down.
      So I don't think there is a set rule for what a good tattoo shop name is or isn't, but I have a few things I look for
      1. Is Tattoo in the name. I would rather go to Hello Kitty Tattoo, than insert random city here INK or such and such art studio. Tattoo City, Chicago Tattoo, The Tattoo Emporium, Liberty Tattoo, Electric all kick ass names all have tattoo in them.
      2. No more than Four words in the name. I want to be able to remember the name. Freedom Ink, Odds and Ends tattoo, Flying Tiger Tattoo, Hot Stuff Tattoo, Rock of Ages Tattoo, Inksmith and Rodgers Tattoo, gets the point across and sticks with you without writing it down.
      3. Alliteration, whether you have tattoo in the name or not, it works for me. Shamrock Social Club, Absolute Art, True Tattoo, Temple Tattoo.
      Obviously there are way too many good shop names to list and it's not the deciding factor whether a shop is good or not, but the right amount of creativity goes a long way. I thought up this post when I saw a business card in a public place and the name of the shop is Breaking Ink. My first thought was they were going through stuff on the DVR and Breaking Bad and LA INK were on the list so they just decided to blend them, then of course I looked them up on my iphone and that probably is about right. But It really just reminded me of how many better names there are for shops out there.
      Anyone else have any thoughts or insights?