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@thebadnewshughes "Oates" was my favorite!

I've had this lil idea in my head for a week on layering paintings on top of each other to see how they'd look... initially, I was thinking just images over text, but during my down time today, I started a full 11x14 of what I'm seeing. I'll update with a finished photo in a day or so. There's black palm sized designs on top of this, and I'm going to add a layer of lettering similar to the dagger still...


Looking at it a bit more, I'm seeing my mind being influenced by the collage/layered work from Hardy and de Vita, as well as some influence from a printmaker named Sean Starwars and his Woodcuts printed on old billboard paper. But, I don't want to analyze it too much.

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@cltattooing That reaper is fantastic! I'm pretty sure you could sell most of the regulars on this site two prints of it each.

Also, a sheet of repaints from the Lost Art From Tattooing's Past book from the last few days. Threw some lower than usual prices on them, although I don't expect anyone to get them, even with that. Maybe some of my friends would be interested, but we'll see.


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