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Mick Weder

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May I resurrect this thread please.

As posted in our awesome thread, just purchased a '78 Trumpy Tiger.

The good thing is, there's plenty of new parts available for these early models.

I have come across this place:

Search results for: 'Triumph'

The freight is very reasonable to Aus also.

Has any other old Trumpy enthusiast have some additional links to purchase parts to share please?

Lowbrow Customs have a few pieces I know as well.

Finding a mechanic on the other hand who won't pull your pants down over the price is the other factor, but I'll work that one out.


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Not as nice as those Triumphs, but I've had this '96 KZ1000 CHP bike for about 2 years now. Was my daily rider for a minute after my wife and I moved, blah blah, long story. Didn't matter that I'd always ride in my mad-max style beat-to-shit leather that I've abused for the past 10+yrs or a beat-to-shit bike, I'd still get a wide berth on the highway.

Now that I've got another bike that's more reliable for daily use and without a billion miles racked up, I've been toying with turning the KZ into a project bike. Just getting a little wild, y'know? But I've got equal parts motivation and equal parts "fuck it, I'm selling it"...

...Pretty sure that means I should get some sort of massive animal-battle tattoo to represent my inner conflict, ha!

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66 Triumph Trophy

Fuckin sweet! & thanks again. I purchased the manual from Lowbrow oh, and a few other bits and bobs to make it worthwhile the freight.

- - - Updated - - -

She'll be ready to bang through the hills next Saturday. Spoken to some of the boys and sweet, one of the boys can pull this down and rebuild these with his eyes closed. I don't think I'll test him on those abilities, just a general orientation will do.

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That is quite the nice Trumpet. My first was a Triumph TR6C - like a Bonnie, but with a single monoblock carb. Should have been shot for chopping her, but she was a looker while I had her. Traded for an RD and a bit better handling then sold all bikes in '79 when I got out of the Navy and moved to the mountains where I knew I'd kill myself with one. Come 2004, much older and a tiny wiser, I bought a '77 GL1000, then an SEi GoldWing, and in 2006 my GL1800 that now has ~90k miles on her. Building a project '78 GL1000 for hobby and maybe show.




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Nice motorcycle. Torque is where it's at for sure. Give me torque over HP any-day!

Have you also had it Dyno tuned?

I agree with you on torque. There's nothing quite like rolling on the throttle and hanging on.

Yeah it was Dyno tuned after the build. I have the sheets somewhere. I'm thinking of having it done again next season after riding it for 2 more seasons now.

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Nice mate. Yeah, my Glide is a 103. Put the race tune, heavy breather and opted for the long, 2 in 1 pro pipe...the pipe built for torque. After my custom map dyno, the numbers are very similar to yours.

Did a 600km ride yesterday rolling through steep winding hills. I love banging down a gear, twisting that wrist and smashing straight up over the top. Good times

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