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    Paul Sayce and I are working on two films at the moment. The Paul Sayce Interviews is Paul interviewing tattooers who predominantly started tattooing in the 1960's/70's (Dennis Cockell and Ed Hardy so far, with more to come.) Also we've filmed a part for a bonus/extra feature about Jock of Kings Cross. And another bonus/extra part with Duncan X talking about learning to tattoo from Dennis Cockell in the 1990's. The Paul Sayce Footage will be highlights from the hundreds of hours of footage Paul has taken throughout the last 30 or so years. Near enough none of which has been seen by the general public. For now I won't say what will likely be on it, but as we get further I'll post here and on Instagram - http://instagram.com/paulsaycefilms
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    Call them. Everyone at Blackheart is accessible. And they have tons of cool flash. In case you "don't want to go back and search for yourself later" :cool: : 415 431 2100
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    Full Back Piece Thread

    I can't believe I've never looked through this thread before. Barely on Page 2 and this is by far one of my favorites. I need a Battle Royale on my back.
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Here's my Tim Beck iris. He's super tall, so this is a little wonky angle maybe, but he filled that weird spot just perfectly. Freedom Ink is a super cool shop, very chill, very neat, and we listened to Bowie all day. Oh, modesty napkin ;)
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    @The Tig - lemmee get this - your brother all but called your wife a whore and all you gave him was stink-eye?
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    Tattooing over black

    also at the risk of additional scaring. Neither cover up or removal are without some sacrifice.
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    Gloomy Inks

    Least painful spot for a tattoo

    This is a pretty good thread. Lot of thought here. I guess the wipe would irritate more, and of course the factors of what kind of machines you might be running, the skill level of the artist (and by that I don`t mean how she/he can draw. I mean the art of applying a colored wound) and where your mind is too. Maybe that`s really it. Where is your head at? Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk
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    just teasin' us! thanks for the heads up and definitely looking forward to it!
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    Gloomy Inks

    Least painful spot for a tattoo

    My wife said the same thing. Didn`t hurt her at all. Sent from my SCH-S968C using Tapatalk
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    Least painful spot for a tattoo

    I have many tattoos all over my body,the least painful place for me has strangely enough been my neck. go figure.
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    Hi fellow inked ones..

    Nice collection!
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    That's a pic from a few weeks ago... Here are a couple from this last weekend: (Last one is a screen shot from my Instagram account where I reposted the artist's pics of my arm) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Tig

    Upcoming Tattoos

    My left leg will collect various tattoos with breaks between them. Joining the existing Tigger will likely be a U boat saw fish on the inner calf. This symbol has always amazed me for some reason. A classic Dia De Los Muertos face in black and grey is also in the near future for that leg.
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    The Tig

    Plainskins say the darndest things...

    Yikes! - - - Updated - - - I remember talking about tattoos 15 years ago at my Dad's house. He has an old one on his shoulder from the navy, circa 1954. My wife just got a small traditional rose (her deceased mother's name was "Rose") and I already had two. My conservative brother then blurts out, "Only bikers and whores have tattoos." You could hear a pin drop. My wife was about to jump his shit when I jump in and say, "Well, it looks like we'll need to buy you a Harley since you sure aren't a whore." I gave him the stink eye. My sister even came to her rescue saying, "I have eye liner tattooed to my eyelids and I'm no whore." My brother backed down and stayed that way. Dick move was called out.
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    Cover Up possibility?

    I believe that he is referring to the snake's head pointing toward your back. Common placement I believe, would be with it pointing toward the front. This in itself doesn't detract from the tattoo's quality, but does indicate a rookie artist unless you demanded that it be placed like this (or it is a logo that absolutely must be placed this way).
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    First tattoo is coming up

    btw, my mom got her first tattoo relatively recently. She was 73.
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    First tattoo is coming up

    confucius says: when you get tattoo pain, relax the feet and the body will follow.
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    Why hello there

    Call his shop (don't worry that you may end up speaking to an apprentice or receptionist). Better yet, if he is going to be near you, go by! If you invest your own time in trying to meet, you increase your chance (until you get weird, then the chances of arrest and restraining order increase).
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    i continued a tattoo on hip. it was hard :/ I waited this session two year and very happy now ) It will be one tattoo in next time we connect these birds =)
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    Gi'day, Benny Jim's the name.

    Here's a pic. Left fresh, right healed. [/img]
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    Tattooing over black

    Get a few laser sessions and lighten it up first, opens up so many more
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got a new one yesterday, done by Valerie Vargas at Modern Classic from some Ed Hardy flash.
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    Fat people with tattoos: Your thoughts

    I have a tattoos on my upper arms, and it works just fine! In fact, I've said it before elsewhere (maybe even in this thread, but I'm too lazy to look), but tattooing made me finally feel comfortable in t-shirts. My weight has been terrible the last couple of years, and though I made a lot of headway with my recent training, I'm still overweight. I used to be tiny, so my awareness of my extra weight sticks with me throughout the day. T-shirts used to make that worse. It's very draining to be constantly aware throughout the day of something about yourself that makes you uncomfortable, so I avoided them a lot. I don't do that anymore, though, because all of my feelings about my arms are positive now. I mean...I'm not guaranteeing that everybody will instantly feel comfortable with themselves after getting a tattoo, but for me personally, it has helped. It was like planting a flag on my own body, or something. Hard to describe. Tattooing has me appreciating my physique. It's more real estate to put beautiful tattoos on. Haha! :o (This is actually a thing, though. Having more room to work with can mean having even more concepts for tattoos open to you on certain body parts!
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    Damn, have t been here in a long time, glad my thread has kept itself going. Still using tegaderm on any and all tattoos.... A few reminders/bullshit I've picked up along the way. Definitely out extra pieces on if the edges start to curl, or instead of wasting tegaderm you can just use a few strips of medical tape to hold on... Do not take off and reapply , REALLY bad decision... If you aren't super sketched out by trying this, don't! You'll drive the price of tegaderm up for the rest of us ... Do NOT use bactine or anything similar as a topical prior to putting on the tegaderm, the ingredients in bactine reduce the effectiveness of the glue on the sheets... Have fun, happy healing! - - - Updated - - - Oh another tip.... Stop putting this shit on RIGHT after your appointment!!!! I don't know who started this horrible advice, but that's what it is, shit advice. Wait until you're done with the initial plasma push, then shower, clean, apply tegaderm. My plasma push usually is all done within about 6 hours... I get a clean and wrap from artist, San and rewrP for bed short after, then do tegaderm in the AM - - - Updated - - - And I've got about 60 hours needle time that's been covered using this method, this isn't just guessing
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    To laser or not..

    Thanks!! I did consult with two places and one place told me "4-8 sessions" to lighten enough to do a cover-up, and the other place said they couldn't give me an accurate number due to the many variables of the session. Both use the Picosure. When I had the first treatment done, I was told to expect blisters since my ink is so dense in certain spots (cover-up) and it should get better the further along I am in treatments. Yes, that is exactly what I think I'm going to do - get some laser sessions than consult with a tattoo artist to see if my cover-up idea is even possible. Such a long process...........boo. Thanks again :)
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    This weekend I took a big step in my tattoo journey. I now have a "highly-visible in every day life" tattoo on the inside of my forearm.
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    The health risks of tattooing is something many people take for granted as tattoos become more popular and accessible. Perhaps even more serious collectors can get too comfortable getting their tattoos made. I have a buddy who gets tattooed regularly in Cuba where it is still somewhat illegal. That's risky business, however he's experienced and a grown-ass man, understands, accept and can identify risky conditions. Like how bad of a tattoo? Buddy's portfolio looks fairly generic but not kitchen-scratcher quality. A shitty tattoo does not need to be fixed...I say let your 17yo live with the visible reminder of a bad decision and let her deal with the consequences in the future i.e. let her deal with a cover-up or laser of a dumb teenage mistake. Does she like the tattoo The Belize shop (from website and facebook photos) looks fairly clean and legit, cleaner than getting tattooed at a tattoo convention. Does your kid have the Hep A/B TwinRx vaccination? If they do (which they should if they are travelling), likely nothing to worry about. But if you want to turn this into a teaching moment, put the kid through the process of getting a blood test (is that expensive in the US?). It will smarten her up for the future and teach her about the health risks of tattooing and other risky behaviours. You'd think though with the quality work her mom wears she wouldn't have been a dumb teenager...but hey I'm sure we've all got caught in the moment about the youth. That is bizarre about the teacher though and pretty poor leadership on his part. Not sure what to comment about that.
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    On the bright side, it is now more likely than ever that your daughter is going to get a panther tattoo, so it's not all bad.
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    I did not know what my my side/rib/hip tattoo was going to be until I met with the artist at the show,a couple years ago, and I had a first session yesterday on my arm/shoulder,I told the artist that I liked water lilies and skulls and told her she could do whatever she wanted with those basic elements,she loved it,I consulted with her a week ago and when she showed me the drawing,I was blown away and told her I love it and to do it that way,and IMO this tattoo is going to be amazing !
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    I am super biased, but here's my list: Temple, FTW, 13. Too much good talent in all those shops.
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    Full Back Piece Thread

    Hi all, started my back piece yesterday...roughly 5 hours lining..a few rough spots but otherwise not to bad ! Artist is Dan Andersen from Sacred tattoo in New Zealand..Cheers !
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    Tattoo silhouette and negative space

    Yup. I never really planned how it would all turn out and placement would have been different if I did. When I started I just wanted to be able to get tattooed by my favourite artists (and didn't want to go below the elbow) I do plan getting some backgrounds added though. Sorry for the crappy picture quality.