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  1. thanks for the mention @ibradley, i think if you want to make traditional tattoos, you should reference older tattoo flash.  for me it gets a little boring to just repaint the older images, though there is nothing wrong with that.  i have been applying the brion gysin/william burroughs technique of cut-ups to try to make something new, while staying very rooted in traditional tattoos.  there is a great book called Milton Zeis: Tattooing As You Like it that you should check out if you haven't already.  I'm including a picture of some of my latest flash, just to give you something to look at.


  2. i started going to kundalini yoga a little over a year ago. i've found that it helps me feel better physically. i never knew my hips were so tight until i started doing it! i figured if it was good enough for Aleister Crowley is was good enough for me..

  3. to clarify, i don't think the non-tattooers understood. the girl wants a half sleeve based on the solar system (whatever that means) finished in about a month. she also lives several hours outside of berlin, meaning she will need to make one 5 hour trip just to talk about it and try to work out a plan. people with this sort of vague idea usually do not understand what sort of commitment getting a big tattoo is. i am interested in making nice tattoos for money, not making money making crap tattoos. and i do tattoo for free, but only on friends. and yes, dan. that one on the guestbook is pretty good, but i don't read german. i also fully disagree that if someone wants a tattoo that automatically means i have to reply to them.

  4. here's one sent to the facebook page for our shop. mind you, at this studio we all take our own appointments and nobody is in charge. management is completely hands off. "Hey there, looking to get a half sleeve based on the solar system. In dresden so not far from berlin till the end of February. Any chance this would be possible?" i don't reply to things like this, it hurts my head to try to figure out how this could work.