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here we go again (ink masters season 2)

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Ink or paint flash, Build/ assemble machines, make needles, make pigment and then do a clean tattoo. In less than what ever ridiculous time constraint they give you. Then you are #1

INK MASTER !!! Until then it is just people doing there job on television. They really should have people do stuff pertinent to the trade; but not show it on television. I wonder if they made a reality show about grocery store baggers if people would watch it. Like who could bag the most items in a minute. Paper or plastic. Have not really watched the show though, I know

Shane O'neill won and that guys work is awesome. I don't think either way on this show, good, bad whatever. If any one has ever seen Louis C.K.'s stand up about "white people problems",

spending time hating what you decide to watch or not watch on T.V. could be one of them.

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Does winning a spot as a canvas come with a prize of free laser removal?
I could probably get a friend who does laser removal to sponsor one of us.

This is starting to sound like a plan... BUT, any LST'er who makes it onto the show MUST be the worst client ever and exclaim at some point that their tattooer smells like taco meat :cool:

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Where do you sign up for the show to get tattooed? I will apply with one tattoo idea and then completely change it when the "tattooer" gets the stencil on, and tell him/her that they "smell like taco meat" and then tell them instead I want a "B-Tat" design from season 1. But only if he/she has the "raw talent" to pull it off.


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