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LST Music Gear Thread


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I couldn't find a thread like this, but it may exist. For those of us that are also musicians, it is always funs to geek out on gear that you have and gear that you want. Kind of like when we geek out on the tattoos we have or are wanting to get.

My set up

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Standard, American Standard Telecaster

Effects (in chain order): Boss TU-3 --> Fulltone OCD --> Boss DD-7 --> EHX Holy Grail Reverb

Amp: Marshall JCM900 4100

Cabinet: Orange 2x12 with Warehouse Speakers Veteran 30s

Pretty simple and straight forward. I don't like too much mucking up my signal, but I need some delay and reverb for volume swells.

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My wife gave me her old Peavey. She used it in her band all throughout the late 90s. I don't play it nearly as much as I should. She also gave me her early '90s Japanese Strat that has a weird Floyd Rose-style bridge and a graphite nut. It is crazy awesome. I love that woman.

The best amp I ever had was a Sovtek Mig 60 that I painted bright red. That amp could drop a man at 20 paces. It would shit all over every Marshall/Laney/Bogner/Fender it was up against.

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I currently have the least amount of musical gear I've had in a long time. been selling it all off to pay the bills. here's what's left:

Gibson Custom Shop '57 Les Paul Jr

MIJ Fender Telecaster that's heavily modded. that guitar through the 67 bassman I just sold was twang heaven.

Fender American Vintage '57 P-Bass

1987 Ampeg "Skunkworks" SVT Classic head. #49 out of 500.

And still too many pedals...

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before i sold almost all of it, i had some nice fuzz pedals - D*A*M Meathead, Creepy Fingers Creepy Face, Shin-E Companion fy-2, Foxx Tonemachine, Sovtek/EHX Russian Big Muff, and some others. I had a Matamp Minimat which i really regret selling. An oldish Orange 30watt valve combo (which i got after i sold the Minimat). A Les Paul Black Beauty. An Ovation Ultra GP copy. An Ampeg Dan Armstrong (the wood one, rather than the clear one). And... some other stuff.. now all i have is a P-Bass, an old Laney bass head & a cab.

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I was suppossed to become a professional jazz musician, instead I ended up a professional engineer with a gear problem:


Ricky 360

Les Paul Studio

Fender 68 reissue, rewired w/ Burns TriSonics and series switching

custom sunburst Squire 51 w/ lipstick pickups

'76 Ibanez Rocket Roll flying V

Rebuilt/re-wired P-Bass


guitar...Fender Super Reverb is my jam w/ a glass of juicy Orange Or-50

bass...70's Peavey 400W superfestival running into a 2x15 ampeg fridge and a 4x12 peavey black widow. Also have a Peavey 400W power amp which I slave off the superfestival and run 2x 4x10 columns with...BASTARD LOUD, i feel sorry for the new neighbours that just moved in!

Organs !!!

Hammond B-200


Leslie 147

100 year old upright Piano

just about everything on this list has paid it's dues on the road. no touring anymore, happy to stay home and play/record with my old musician buddies for shits n giggles

here's a pic of the 68 Strat and Squier 51 that I rebuilt and rewired...see that engineering degree did come in handy after all


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61 reissue sg>boss tuner>rat (sometimes but mostly not)>Marshall plexi reissue. simple as possible. I also have a sunn model t and sceptre but they are in retirement for now. p.s. I am jealous of the classic 30. Play through my friends occasionally and the tone is amazing. His is an older 4/10 before they changed the logo. Love that thing.

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Here's my current set-up...


Gibson SG Standard

Fender Deluxe Telecaster

Hagstrom Viking Deluxe

Hofner Club 50

Gibson Les Paul Jr.

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Strat

Pedal Chain:

Boss TU-2 -> Vox v847 Wah (Modded) -> Telenordia TA-23 -> Telenordia TA-100 -> Boss DD-3 -> Boss NS-2


Black Face 1965 Fender Princeton Reverb into a Fender Vibro-King 2x12 Cab


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I'm convinced that a 2x12 is all anyone ever needs for live guitar. Having ran the gamut of combos and full-stacks, I'll sell amp heads all day, but I will never get rid of my Orange 2x12.

100%. With a 2x12 you can blow the faces off of the audience in clubs, and any larger venues you should be mic'ing your cabs anyway so a 2x12 is more than enough.

Any bigger of a rig and you need to be/hire a professional bodybuilder to carry your gear around...

Not for me.

- - - Updated - - -

Also, I really like that this thread exists.

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I'm still breaking in the EL-34's on the Blackstar HT-20. I am still finding my tone with it, so I am not totally in love with it yet. But, it is just a $500 guitar amp. S, you get what you pay for.

Ok...what is your dream rig? If money wasn't an obstacle. I'd probably still keep it simple.

Dream Guitars:

Wine Red Les Paul Custom

G&L Bluesboy

Dream Amps:

Matamp 1224

Reeves Custom 30

Dream Cabs:

Emperor 2x12

Dream Pedal Chain:

TC Electronic Tuner (TRUE BYPASS...ugh)

MXR DynaComp

Electro-Harmonix POG 2

Fulltone Full-Drive

WayHuge Swollen Pickle Mk1

Malekko Analog Delay

Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb

- - - Updated - - -

and look at that....600th post. CHAMPION!

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