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Calling LST band members


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I know that some of the folks here on LST play in bands, so I made this thread for us to share our music, touring schedules, music videos etc.

I play guitar, or at least try to, in a band called Serenity Trace. We play metal/hardcore'ish music with a dash of techno/samples/strings/industrial. This is a song from the full length album we just finished recording.

Theory#3 by serenitytrace on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

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Those sound cool. Like Steve, I was in a band but it has since retired. We were in Boston in the late 90s and stopped playing around '99 when a couple of us moved to Los Angeles to do other things. It was on the lighter side of the music spectrum... fun, girl-group, 50s/rockabilly style. It was a fun time. We were called The Falsies, I was the singer: Rock n Roll Dream by The Falsies | Song | Free Music, Listen Now

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i was in this band (playing drums), but we stopped playing about three years ago. we did ok towards the end of it - had something put out on a label, played all over the country with some good bands - brant bjork and the bros, witch, coliseum.. this video was about two years or so before we stopped playing.. we were all 18 or 19 in it -

here's some other stuff i made last year.. i didn't know how to play keyboard/organ/piano before i recorded, or how to use a drum machine.. but i tried to figure it out as i went along.


GREEFF | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

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here's some other stuff i made last year.. i didn't know how to play keyboard/organ/piano before i recorded, or how to use a drum machine.. but i tried to figure it out as i went along.

This stuff reminds me a bit of Zomes. Which is cool in my book.

I've been putting stuff out for years under the name Children's Prison. Here's a link to my last collection of songs...I don't even know how to describe it anymore.

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I left the band last year after recording 2 LPs and a bunch of 7" singles. We toured Cuba for 2 weeks bringing a punk rock to a socialist country that has historically frowned upon rock music (solidarityrock.com for the whole story). After I left, the band toured Europe and is going coast to coast in Canada in July. Scope the bandcamp downloads, wicked music, really talented group of dudes I got to play with it.

SLATeS concert footage from Santa Clara, Cuba 2010

OUR MERCURY - From Below

Our Mercury - From Below.zip

Toured with this band from 2005-2007, signed to Smallman Records


Ops 780 - S_T.zip

punky reggae band i played with from 2000-2004. I was the singer and organist!


The Cleats - Chemical EP.zip

download an unreleased 4 song EP from a classic Canadian Oi! band i played with

download /// share /// en joy

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